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Improve Customer Service: Phone Policies

Improve Customer Service: Phone Policies

Customer service is an often overlooked necessary component for any business that expects to be successful. Any and every company should attempt to continuously provide better customer service to attract and maintain customers. More customers leads to more profit. Developing and maintaining an easy to use phone system is one way of providing better customer service. Following these few steps will help your business in this endeavor.

Have a specific greeting.

No matter what your business is, you will want to have some type of standardized greeting for your customers that call. Typically, you will first want to inform the customer of your business name. This will immediately let your customer know that they have dialed the correct number. After this, you or your employees should let your customer know who they are talking to. Using only your first name is suggested for this introduction. Not only does this not sound formal and stuffy, but it also gives the customer the impression that you are both equals. Titles have a way of turning people off when calling a business. For the last component, you should try and get creative. Lines such as “how may I help you today?” are efficient but overused and generic. Instead, try a line similar to “how may I make your day great today?” This is a very simple, yet effective way to improve customer service.

Have a policy for using the hold feature.

While it is necessary to put a customer on hold from time to time, this practice should only be used when absolutely necessary. Customers appreciate constant information and hate to wait. Waiting for even a minute can seem like an eternity to some people. To avoid excessive use of the hold feature, invest in cordless phones. While this may not be applicable for all businesses, most should be able to use these phones. Instead of putting the customer on hold, walk around while you find the information the customer is requesting, all the while informing them of what you are doing and engaging in small talk in between. Whatever you do, try to not put a customer on hold for more than three minutes. If anything, get the customer’s contact information and give the customer a call back when you have the information ready. Having customers on hold for too long will kill your customer service image.

Have an easy to use phone system.

All businesses (for the most part) close during certain hours. Having an easy to use phone system during these times is essential to improve your customer service. Typically, you will want to have a recorded message of some kind to let your customer know that your business is currently closed, what your operating hours are, and potentially an option for the customer to leave a message. Do not make this message overly complicated. If you want to develop a more thorough system that involves the customer pressing numbers, just make sure that this …

Persephone Waiting for Spring

Persephone Waiting for Spring

A Shakespearean sonnet about the springtime. Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring, had to stay in the underworld half the year, during which her mother, Demeter, let the world freeze. In the spring, she would leave her husband Hades and return. This poem is about her feelings on the yearly ritual.

I see the fields now turning green for spring! 
Sweet Persephone’s long sojourn is done. 
Demeter warms the earth and it can sing: 
The victory o’er Hades now is won!

Yet fair Koré does pause to heave a sigh, 
This upperworld seems strange and cold to her, 
The light so bright from Helios on high 
Hurts fair eyes that in the dark were so sure.

Fair Koré longs for the cold winds of fall 
That from the underworld bring another, 
Whose darker aspect casts a shadowy pall 
On the green, growing fields of her mother.

For the girl imprisoned by Demeter: 
A pomegranate is always sweeter.…

Phone Rage

Phone Rage

I’ve just spent seventy five minutes waiting on the phone to the Customs Call Centre trying to track down an international package addressed to me. In that time I got transferred a number of times, despite correctly following several menu prompts along the way. AND after all that time I now have to ring yet another Call Centre.
Government Departments, telecommunication service providers, internet service providers, utility providers and just about any other company whose services you need as they have already sold you their product and/or you rely on it invariably utilize the ubiquitous Call Centre.
Banks are bad – though not quite as bad as the aforementioned group.

In fact I regularly put aside a whole day if I have more than two or three calls to make to such places. 
The thought of having to deal with a Call Centre invariably gives me a really bad dose of the ‘heebiejeebies’. In fact I’d rather do just about anything than call a Call Centre. The imperative need to periodically indulge in such activity contributes towards my diagnosis of a self coined disorder I’ve called ‘society phobia’. 
I’ve learned that if the Company you are trying to call has a Sales Centre and they are actively seeking clients then it is best to ring the Sales section and ask to be forwarded to where you need to go to. They might be seeking further clientele to replace such disgruntled persons as yourself who may have taken their business elsewhere. 
During the last week I estimate that I’ve spent at least about sixteen hours trying to deal with matters that I’m pretty certain may have taken only about an hour back in those ‘good old days’. The ‘good old days’ were those days before economic rationalism started it’s ugly and ever increasing stranglehold upon us.

Here in Australia many companies, particularly Telco’s outsource their calls to Asian destinations. Such companies tend to fragment their services and, as such the Call Centre phone operator often has an infuriatingly narrow understanding of the overall services provided by the Company employing them. 
When this fact is compounded by language and epistimological difficulties the result can often be an escalating sense of frustration for the caller. 
Indeed one very well known manufacturer of mobile phones directs the local calls from Australia to the USA even. 
Things are made further difficult here in Western Australia if you have to ring a Government Department whose main offices are on the west coast (as most are). By the time we get up and have had breakfast they have gone to lunch and this means limited access to an operator for the next two hours, and by the time they return from lunch we are considering having some and then, after our own lunch time we are lucky if there is a one hour window left for dealing with our concerns before they bolt for the day. 
I firmly blame economic rationalism for this very horrid …

Karaoke Wireless Microphones – Here’s What to Look For

Karaoke Wireless Microphones – Here’s What to Look For

Thanks to advances in recording technology, microphones for karaoke have improved tremendously in the past few years. Wireless technology has also improved dramatically, resulting in wireless karaoke microphones that not only are rugged and full of cool features; they work as well as their corded counterparts.

What to look for in a good wireless karaoke microphone: rugged construction is the first thing to look for, it’s a sign that the mike is of good quality, and will hold up under constant use. You would be surprised at how even an amateur karaoke setup can wreak havoc on poor quality microphones.

Next, look for noise filter technology. If your mike loses signal for even a second, it can send a nasty bit of noise through your sound system, resulting in an embarrassing glitch in your performance. Noise filters monitor this condition and will attenuate any noise that results from losing connection.

Battery life is another important consideration. While many lower-priced mikes use nine-volt or AAA batteries, the better units feature rechargeable battery packs with a recharging base. This is a great convenience, and well worth the extra money.

The specs on your microphone can be manipulated to look good on the package, so beware of incredible specs on a cheap mike. All mikes can state a wide frequency response – it’s the sensitivity at the low and high ends that separate a good microphone from a cheap one.

There are 3 main types of wireless – FM, VHF and UHF. Older mikes used FM frequencies, but were prone to interference. Newer, multichannel VHF and UHF models give better performance.…

MySpace Mobile: Too Popular or Too Slow?

MySpace Mobile: Too Popular or Too Slow?

Near the closing of the 2008, MySpace Mobile may be the third greatest downloaded app within the Android App world (reported by Google’s App gauges by fame). Many additional web logs and sites have produced erroneous statistics from Fast Company’s content deduced from an article written by Medialets that Alex Muse often rebuts.

Averaging 50,000-250,000 downloads, over 9,000 comments, a median Android Application user grading of 3.5, and a mediocre Rating of three Android Tapps. When did this application crash? Remember this is MySpace.

The Issue

MySpace was capable of producing so many downloads from their own company name and fame entirely. Only the application lets down most expectations. MySpace Mobile, has many flaws as stated, and doesn’t even come close to the WAP edition. Also many complaints of login problems and very slow load times have been echoed. In reality it is more of a status update rather than a pic uploader, then again you cannot accomplish that out and about without the Android Application. There’s other reasons to even use this app.

Further Unanswered Questions.

* MySpace Mobile is featureless when compared to the WAP version, such that as; making friend requests, blogging, and posting bulletins. Is there a gameplan to make this application better then the WAP release?

* Besides the above-named lacking characteristics, it could be an amazing program if desktop options were transferred across like; making a new profile, media player, a chat feature would be nice also. Is there any intention of adding these features?

* Most users complain of login problems and slow functionality, is any solution in the works?

* Why does MySpace constantly hammer the Mobile download when you have already selected to view the desktop version. Before and after logging in?…