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Reasons for Having a Pre Paid Mobile Phone

Reasons for Having a Pre Paid Mobile Phone

There are many reasons why some people choose a pre paid mobile phone rather than having a bill every month. Pre paid phones are especially great for children, as you don’t need to be a certain age to get one and you cant spend more money than you have topped up with, so no massive bills for mum and dad.

Pre paid mobile phones are also great for people who do not use their mobile much, if you don’t make many calls then you may not benefit from a contract and may in fact save money by going pre paid. Many of today’s pre paid plans even come with free calls and text messages, just like a pay monthly plan.

With a pre paid phone you do not need to worry about spending more than you can afford. You choose how much and how often to top up your phone and that is all you can spend, because you don’t receive a bill at the end of the month there are no nasty surprises and you can keep track of your spending easily.

Another reason many people choose a pre paid phone is that you are not tied into a long contract with a particular provider. If you come across a better deal you are free to switch providers, although you will need to purchase a new sim card and possibly get your phone unblocked so it will accept it. You can also change your handset as often as you like, something that is difficult and costly to do if you are on a contract.

There are of course drawbacks to having a pre paid phone, if you do make a lot of calls you may be better off financially with a contract phone as many of these come with free minutes and texts for a set price a month. If having the newest most up to date phone is important to you this could be costly if you are buying the handset on a pre paid tariff. Also if your handset is lost or stolen you will likely loose any credit on it and it could be difficult to get your original phone number back to use on a new handset, if however you have a contract phone your provider simply cancels your sim card and issues a new one.

Although there are drawbacks to having a pre paid mobile phone, they are very well suited to a lot of people. Pre paid phones are great for children and people who do not use their phone much as you are not paying for minutes you are not going to use. Many people also use their mobile phone simply for incoming calls, this is another great benefit of pre paid phones as with many tariffs there is no minimum top up so you can top up your phone once and then anyone can get you wherever you are.…

The Automobile is Going Digital

The Automobile is Going Digital

With the growing need for cars to become more environmentally friendly, and safer to drive the need for more computer control has become evident, and therefore the trend has given way to a more and more electronic car over the years.

I personally don’t know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, the more gadgets you add to your car, the more likely it’s going to break down, but by the same token, along with this trend cars have also gotten a lot more comfortable to be in.

With the addition of LCD TV’S, and high end stereo equipment right from the factory, it’s more like being at home while your driving your car, you can even hook up you game console to the TV in your car, and the rear view back up camera had defiantly helped put with the safety side of things.

The computerized engine management systems have mad it possible to get more power, and reliability out of your engine, without making a bunch of non-factory modifications to it and killing your warranty, and they are doing more with it all of the time.

The safety features have multiplied over the years due to the electronic systems, with ideas like traction control being implemented, and roll control to help keep you car on all four wheel even through the worst events, it has been changing the face of the automotive world.

Most of the safety stuff you’d never see or feel, but the traction control is one thing that you can test out, try turning it off on a snow covered road, and you’ll learn really quickly what it’s all about, it it truly one of the bast tings that the digital age has done for cars.

With GPS becoming more popular all of the time most car are available with it these days, it to has more then one purpose, consider GM’s onstar technology, they can locate you after you car has been in an accident, not to mention after it has been stolen.

With the addition of ABS brake systems, and air hags cars have become a lot more safe to be in, and they are constantly working to make these features better, over time the computer age has done a lot for car, and most likely will continue to do so.

As Americans we love our cars, and most of us love all of the cool electronic gadgets the the digital age has given to them, but all of this does come at a price, and that price is a higher price tag, along with the high likelihood that one, or another of these systems will break at some point in time.

Believe me I love the gadgets as much as the next guy, but I’m prepared for them to make my car need a repair here and there, I know that it will happen at some point during the life of my car, the …

Cell Phones, Pre-teens, and the Horrible Parent

Cell Phones, Pre-teens, and the Horrible Parent

We’ve all seen it before. A young girl, 8 or 9 years old, wanders around our place of employment or a store we frequent. There’s no sign of an adult accompanying her, but thankfully she has the almighty her cell phone in hand.

Unfortunately for this little girl and others like her, she’s being neglected by her parent. If someone wants to abduct your daughter, chances are the first thing they’re going to do is slap that phone right out of her hand. The majority of children under the age of 13 have no need for a cell phone, because they shouldn’t be in a situation where they’re left to wander around without adult supervision for extended periods of time.

These are, of course, only my personal opinions on the subject. Letting your child have a cell phone isn’t always a bad idea, but it’s up to the parents to not let it change how they care for their child. A good rule of thumb is that if your child’s baby sitter can fit in their pocket, they need a new one.…

GSM Cell Phones

GSM Cell Phones

What is a GSM cell phone? A GSM cell phone is a mobile phone that operates and makes us of GSM or Global System for Mobile communication technology. If you have a mobile phone, chances are, that mobile phone that you own is a GSM cell phone. Everywhere in the world, almost all mobile phones are GSM cell phones. This is because GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is used worldwide. To date, GSM has more then two billion mobile phone users worldwide. This number would mean that there are more then two billion GSM cell phones in the world. Since GSM is the preferred mobile phone technology used everywhere in the world, you are bound to find a GSM cell phone wherever you are. Now, with the growing popularity of the GSM cell phone, you have to wonder, what is so special about the GSM cell phone? What does GSM stand for? What is GSM and what is the GSM network? Read along and these questions will be answered.

What does GSM stand for? Officially, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. However, because of what GSM has done for the global mobile phone communications, GSM also stands for innovation and brilliant technology. What is GSM? GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is the technology used in cellular phones. GSM is the system found in your GSM cell phone. It allows you to call your friends via voice calls. GSM also allows you to send your friends an SMS or a text message. Indeed, GSM cell phones made mobile phone usage a lot more convenient and fun. Now, in discussing and giving a short overview of GSM and what GSM can do, the question “what is the GSM network?” will be answered. The GSM network allows voice calls and text messaging or SMS. An overview of GSM and of the GSM cell phone will tell you that GSM cleverly started the trend in text messaging. Before, we all had to make voice calls to communicate with family, friends, and business associates. Yes, it is efficient and effective because you can get your message across and you can get your response within seconds. By calling using a GSM cell phone, you can talk to someone as if he or she is right there with you. However, GSM saw the need to have a low cost alternative to voice calls. This is why GSM or Global System for Mobile communication came up with short messaging service or SMS. This is the reason why you can now send text messages using your GSM cell phone.

True enough, the GSM cell phone is one of the unique breakthroughs in mobile phone technology. GSM technology is introduced to more parts of the world and GSM phones and GSM sim cards are manufactured globally. GSM cell phones make mobile phone usage a better experience for everyone.

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