Month: October 2019

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port Review:

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port Review:

As a freelance writer I am often listening to music while writing on various topics of interest. Also as an avid lover of music I find that it is hard to find good headphones these days at an inexpensive price. I love listening to music when I write and often when I am doing other things on the Internet but do not want to disturb my family. I have purchased many headphones over the years without finding a cheap pair of high quality. Recently I purchased Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with the XBS port and think I found what I was looking for. There are so many headphones out there on the market so it might be hard to find a good quality pair without spending too much money. If you are someone looking for a great pair of headphones at an unbeatable price then you should check out my review of the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with the XBS port.

Over the years I have spent around 200 dollars trying to find a great pair of headphones and it has never worked out very well. In this economy it is especially important to be very cautious about how much money you spend especially on items like headphones and accessories. I wanted a good quality pair of headphones that were inexpensive and easy to replace if needed so I began my quest to find the perfect pair. I found the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with the XBS port at Amazon and it was like a match made in heaven. These headphones are about 5 dollars and are some of the best headphones I think I have ever had. The XBS port is designed to give you an increased bass response and it works like a charm. I enjoy listening to music on a daily basis and was looking for a pair of headphones that would last through the heavy rock music I listen to. Typically, a pair of headphones would quit on me within a year and the usual cause was a blown speaker or the wiring would become very weak at the point where the speaker and wires meet. So I was naturally curious when I saw these online for about 5 dollars and figured I do not have anything to lose by trying them out.

Panasonic is a very good brand and I have come to enjoy their various products over the years. When I think of Panasonic I think of quality and reliability while maintaining a reasonable price but never have I seen five dollar headphones from them before. So I bought me a pair through Amazon and when I got them I was amazed. The headphones’ are very comfortable and are adjustable to fit your head no matter what size your head might be. I have had experiences with headphones where they were heavy and felt like they were weighing my ear down but these are not like …

The Turtle Tales Musical Mobile: Review

The Turtle Tales Musical Mobile: Review

My nephew was newly brought into this world and I was so excited about buying him something that he could find interest in as a newborn. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy him until my husband told me that I should consider buying him a mobile. I didn’t think anything of it because I was more interested in buying something more flashy. But once I thought it over I decided to check out a few mobiles at Walmart.

I shopped around for a couple of days and ran across the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile for $20. I was on a budget so I thought this would be the perfect gift. The reason why I decided upon the Turtle Musical Mobile was because of the price and the simplicity of it. I knew that as a newborn my nephew wasn’t going to be able to do much so this was going to be perfect.

Once I purchased the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile I took it over to my sisters house so she could assemble it and put it on my nephews baby crib. She adored the crisp strips and and polka dot material it came with. The Turtle Tales Musical Mobile also came with playful turtles that danced around the mobile once it was turned on.

Now even though the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile was cheap and entertaining it wasn’t a great value for the price. I guess when people say you get what you pay for , that’s exactly what they mean. The Turtle Musical Mobile wasn’t put together all that well. The one thing I noticed about the Turtle Tales Musical mobile was that the string the turtles hung on was attached by the neck and not the toy itself. So it came off a bit tacky and bootleg. I know this shouldn’t have been a big deal but when I first seen the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile on the Internet, I noticed that the turtles hung from the shell and not the turtle itself. So I felt as if I had been lied to. I also was a bit disappointed by the fact that when we hung the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile up, we got 1 brown turtle and 3 blue turtles. I was expecting to have all blue turtles because of the color scheme my sister was going with.

Another thing I disliked about the Turtle Tales Musical Mobile was that the attachment piece didn’t snap on to the baby bed all that well. It refused to stand up in a straight position. I found this to be unsafe because to me, it looked as if it wanted to fall right on top of my nephew.

The Turtle Tales Musical Mobile also had problems rotating fully. There were times where it would get stuck in the middle of rotation. My sister would have to push it every once in a while to get it to continue rotation.

The only …

How to Send Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

How to Send Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

This guide will show you how to make ring tones from music on your computer and send it to your cell phone for free. Please note, in order to do this you will need to download software called ToneThis and you will need a music player (such as windows media player, winamp, itunes, etc.). Download the free software. Before downloading, be sure to click on supported phones to make sure this software is compatible with your cellphone. Once you download the software, install it onto your computer. Now that you have the software needed to send the ring tone to your phone, it is time for you to pick the song you wish to send. Open up your music player (i.e., windows media player, etc.) and listen to the song you want to make a ring tone. While you’re listening to the song, write down on a piece of paper what part of the song you would like to use as the ring tone. You will need a starting point and ending point for the song (ex: start at 01:23, end at 01:33). Once you have written down the portion of the song you wish to use as a ring tone, it is time to install the ToneThis software.

When you run the software for the first time, it will ask for a serial number for pro edition. Ignore this. Click on the button underneath that says continue with free edition. Create a profile name for your phone, then enter your email address. Then enter your mobile phone information, country, carrier, manufacturer, handset, and cell phone number (ex., United States, Verizon, LG, VX8500). You will have to refer to the paperwork you received with your phone or go to your service provider to obtain the manufacturer and handset information. After entering your information press ok. You can close out the hints and tips screen that first appears, because I’m telling you how to use the program, or you can read it for more information.

You’ll notice at the top that you can send ring tones, wallpapers, videos, and games all to your phone. In this tutorial, however, I’m only covering ring tones. Click the browse button on the left hand side and locate the music file (song) you wish to make a ring tone out of. Tone this will process the file (convert it). Once it has finished you will see the song waveform in the middle of your screen. Below this you will see play and stop options, and song length information. Now it is time to pull out the piece of paper you wrote your song information on (the start time and end time of your ring tone). When you double click in the middle of the screen on the waveform you will notice a number shows. This number indicates where you are in the song. Find the starting point you wish to use (from my previous example above, start …