Month: August 2020

Cell Phones Do Not Belong in the Bathroom

There is nothing worse then trying to use the restroom with someone else talking on a cell phone. Public bathrooms are bad enough with other people that can hear or see you through the cracks; but now other people can hear you through other people's cell phones. Many women try to not pass gas unless they are alone or in the bathroom, not the kind of sound you would want someone overhearing on a phone.

Being the person on the other end of the cell phone and hearing someone going to the bathroom is just plain gross. It would be nice to be put on hold or called back when the person is not so busy.

A bathroom is a place where you should be indisposed, left alone for private time. I don't know where we have changed to wanting to share our bathroom sounds. It bad enough to have to share the sounds with whoever is in the bathroom with you in a public restroom, but with someone talking on a cell phone you are sharing your bathroom sounds with their conversation.

One cell phone user even got mad when other people flushed their toilets, telling everyone they were on a business call. Do they want us to leave our mess for them to clean up?

It would be very helpful if public restrooms would ban cell phone usage in the bathroom. It is very sad that we would have to pass a law or make signs just to get people to use common sense, but the call phone world of user are full of a lot of rude behavior.

Bathrooms in general are a little loud if they are busy. Toilets are flushing, water running to wash hands (hopefully), doors opening and closing. Now we have people trying to talk over all the noise just to carry on a cell phone conversation. Overall it take a few minutes to normally use the bathroom, you would think life would just be a pause for those few minutes.

Please, if you are a cell phone user, leave them off when you are in the restroom. The person you are talking to does not want to hear you use the restroom and they want you to properly wash you hands to stop the spread of germs. Other people in the bathroom do not want to hear you conversation and do not want any unnecessary to over hear their sounds in the bathroom either.