Month: November 2020

Samsung I607 BlackJack Smartphone Review

I've owned my Samsung i607 BlackJack for about five and a half months. It's been an awesome phone that I've liked enough to spend additional money for accessories for use solely with it, and I'm tightfisted. I started out connecting it to my Gateway CX2620 TabletPC with a USB cord. With it I could sync all of my data and share the phone's internet connection. The connection is about twice as fast as a 56k telephone modem connection. Amazing for travelling, but awful for regular use. Right now I'm using a Logitech Bluetooth 2.0 EDR dongle to sync it to my TabletPC. I've had Windows XP installed and also Windows Vista Ultimate. Syncing works with both but the Bluetooth PAN and my Motorola HT820 headphones do not work with Windows Vista. The headphones work great with the phone though. It's got a camera on the back too.

  1. As a Phone
    The BlackJack works fine as a phone. The buttons are a little small, so when you're dialing a number it's a little harder than it might be on a phone with less buttons. The dialer (which pops up if you start pressing numbers at the home screen) has large, easy to see numbers which can be customized in the settings. If you start typing at the home screen, you can enter your contacts' names to bring up their entry in contacts and pick which number you want to dial.

Its ability to maintain contacts is great, it has about 40 different fields for contact information. Some important but not quite obvious ones are work related information, addresses, instant messenger handles, email address, family members, and a picture of them. After opening the contacts browser, you can begin to type letters to select a specific contact quickly. Once a contact is selected, you can use the left and right selection keys to navigate through different forms of contact including home number, email address (which takes you directly to a new e-mail message if you have an account set up and the contact's email in their contact information), text message (which will open up a new txt message with their number in the to: field) or work number.

  1. As a PDA
    Since the BlackJack runs Windows Mobile 5 (Cingular plans to provide BlackJack-specific updates soon, to version 6) it's considered a Smartphone, a non-touch screen PDA phone without a stylus. Its functionality as a PDA gives it extreme customizability; the fact that it runs Windows Mobile means that there are many users which have already covered much of what can be customized. You can change just about any software feature of the BlackJack that you want, if you look hard enough on the internet. Google can find anything.

I've personally made several home screens. People use the fact that they don't know xml to keep them from making their own home screens but if you have any coding experience, and just look at a few of the existing home screens, you can …