Month: February 2021

Review of Verizon Home Phone Connect

I moved and was in the market for a home phone since I do not have unlimited calling on my cell phone. Not to mention that cell phones run out of battery too quickly if you do a lot of talking and make a lot of calls.

I walked into Verizon to update the contract on one of my cell phones and the sales man told me about Home Phone Connect, which Verizon just launched. For 19.99 a month and unlimited calling to anywhere in the US, I could not resist. I had learned of Magic Jack but did not like the fact that the voicemail message tells you that you have reached a Magic Jack number. In addition, Magic Jack does not work with Verizon cell phones, you have to dial Magic Jack directly and put in the number of the person you are calling from the Magic Jack headquarters. I wanted a phone that I could plug into a wall or jack.

Home Phone Connect gives you a really cool device that looks like a modem and you plug this into the wall and plug your phone into the device. I have two cordless phones hooked up, one that plugged right into the Home Phone Connect box and the other that works remotely. The phone works by receiving signal from Verizon cell towers.

Here are the advantages of Home Phone Connect:

Less expensive than any other monthly phone service.

The phone number you pick shows up on your Verizon dashboard so you have a permanent record of all calls. You can block calls or look up past numbers if you need to find a phone number.

You can set up voicemail and retrieve your voicemails from any phone.

Here are the disadvantages of Home Phone Connect

The greatest disadvantage for me is that you cannot use it as a fax line.

Another disadvantage is the $35.00 activation fee that the sales agent who sold it to me did not inform me about and that the 19.99 price requires a two year contract.

In addition, my Home Phone Connect occasionally disconnects, which never happens to my cell phone.

Home Phone Connect is a good service and a good deal. I no longer require as many minutes on my cell phone and calls from my cell phone to my home phone are mobile to mobile and do not have to be put on my friends and family. Overall, I am pleased with my Home Phone Connect and do not see myself wanting to change it anytime in the near future.