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How to Choose Suitable Headphones?

How to Choose Suitable Headphones?

The sensation of music depends mostly on quality of your headphones. Almost all players, Ipods, mobile phones and other gadgets are equipped with headphones. I will not mention the quality of such headphones because often they are not able to bring pleasure from your favorite music. Such headphones serve as a «small attachment» to your player, mobile phone etc. Those who want to enjoy the quality of music must certainly give up an idea of using such headphones. This article will give you a review of different types of headphones which you might find either comfortable or inconvenient, either good or bad. A price of high-quality headphones from well known producer can reach and even exceed the price of your player. Such high-quality headphones can breath life into your favourite music.

Types of headphones


Insert-type or “earbuds” are supplied with almost all players and mobile phones. You will hear neither bass nor clear voice. Of course, there is absolutely no sound proofing. In subway, you will probably have to increase sound on upper limit in order to hear something. Such «China-made» headphones can not satisfy music lovers, so I advice you to throw them away. Quality earbuds must be bought separately. I advice you to buy another type of earbuds – «in-ear» headphones. They can cost from $15 till $150, but such price is reasonable. The main merit of such headphones is a deafen cover, which look like a silicone cap. Such headphones have very nice sound and perfect bass. So if you like electronic or hard music you must certainly buy such type of headphones. I can advice the following models which are most popular in the stores: Creative Zen Aurvana, Audio-Technica ATH-CK5, Sennheiser CX 400 and Philips SHE8500. There are though several disadvantages of such «in-ear» headphones. One of the major problems is that the source of sound is more near to ear than in other headphones. Doctors say that it may harm your organ of hearing. So you must look after the volume and check that the sound level is not very loud.

Monitor headphones

Full-size headphones or monitor headphones can not be used for daily usage with you player because of their size and especially because of the ear cups which fully cover your ear. These ear cups prevent your headphones from falling from your head and filter the outside noise. Most ear cups are made of natural materials but there are many models which use synthetic materials. If you use synthetic ear cups your ears will sweat.

There are two types of monitor headphones: opened and closed earphones. The first one has a small hole in ear cups. This hole improve the quality of sound but it also alow the outside sound to come through. The closed one doesn’t have such hole and the quality of bass is a little bit better than in opened headphones. In general, the better the quality of sound in monitor headphones the higher …

The T-Mobile Rocket 4G USB Stick Makes PC Gaming Truly Portable!

The T-Mobile Rocket 4G USB Stick Makes PC Gaming Truly Portable!

Portable typically refers to a handheld game console- the likes of the Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP. However, gaming on the go just became a lot more accessible thanks to T-Mobile’s Rocket 4G stick. This easy to setup USB device grants near instant access to the 4G network in all its glorious speed. While it might not equate to a superb wired connection, it does offer a viable alternative. I talked previously about the T-Mobile Rocket and its features, but this time I’ll be focusing on the gaming aspects of the device.

If you’re out and about and dying for some multiplayer gameplay on your laptop, the T-Mobile Rocket might be just what you need. Gamers considering gaming over 4G, look no further than my testing below to determine if it is for you or not.

Any avid online gamer knows that other players are not the enemy. Lag is the true enemy. A sudden stutter or delay can mean the difference between dealing the final blow and being handed a harp and halo- or horns and an accordion. With so much hanging on a fast, reliable connection, it’s no wonder so many are holding their breath and awaiting the capabilities of the T-Mobile Rocket. With my Dell Latitude laptop and the T-Mobile Rocket provided to me by Yahoo, it was time for the tests to begin. To start things off, let’s take a look at Dynasty Warriors Online.

This fast-paced hack and slash series requires strategy, skill, and capable allies. Dynasty Warriors Online continues this trend, although with massively multiplayer online play. After logging in as my wandering swordsman, I decided to hop into a battle and test out the connection. As I and the other vassals of Wu were teleported to the battlefield to face off against Shu, I found myself initially disappointed.

There was apparent lag that caused both clipping and stuttering. While it was certainly manageable, it was more than a stone’s throw from being perfect. A few minutes of slashing and slicing showed some improvement. The frame-rate recovered and my attacks became more fluent. By the second half of the battle my connection had stabilized and I was easily clearing the Shu pretenders out of their bases. The following battle, a clash with Wei, proved to be a bit more difficult. Despite all the action on-screen and the frenzied nature of play, the connection remained stable. Not by any means perfect, but certainly enjoyable.

Champions Online was the second game to see play time with the T-Mobile Rocket. I must attest to how convenient it is to simply plug the device in and start up a multiplayer game no matter where I am. In the case of Champions Online, the initial results were similar to Dynasty Warriors Online. The first couple of minutes were marred by stuttering and clipping. After facing off against a few baddies menacing the city, I was relieved to find …

Daughters of Persephone

Daughters of Persephone

O, daughters of Persephone,
where do you lie?

Tell me now, 
has your mother taught you well?

You, the off spring of Zeus and Demeter, 
tell me of your glories amongst golden grass, 
and misty swale.

Your ascension from Hade’s realm, 
to spring’s eternal blessing,

But for a brief moment, 
to commune with your Mother once again.

I feel your warmth yet I do not see you, 
O, daughters of Persephone reveal yourselves to me;

In spring’s golden rays, 
her coins cast upon thine eyes,

I pray, 
show yourself to me,

Let me feel your warmth, and grace of season’s change.…

The Best Alltel Phones

The Best Alltel Phones

There are a lot of great Alltel phones out there. They are almost caught up to Verizon and Cingular at this point, as well they should be. They are in the eyes of most one of the top three cell phone providers in the country. Choosing a few of the best out of so many selections was difficult but there are some that stand out more than others, so here goes.

I think the first phone you should look at the Motorola V265 Cellular Phone. This is a great phone with a lot of additional touches. It has 128 x 128 pixel 65K color CSTN display. It has a VGA camera, great streaming capabilities and fast downloads. It has a touch screen and even a built in camera.

If you find that model a bit too pricey you should try the Nokia 2865i. It’s not a phone with hundreds of features, but it has the best reception of any phone on the market. Stuck somewhere that reception will be a lot more important to you than any camera feature!

If you just want to go all out and buy something with all the frills included you should try LG AX4270. This is a great phone that is actually very affordable. All the greatest new assets and nice touches like speakerphone.

There are many Alltel cell phones out there but these will give you a good outline of what the company provides. This is a great company to go to when looking for a cell phone and should be one of your first stops.…

Oprah’s No Phone Zone

I just got done watching the Oprah Winfrey show about talking on cell phones or texting while driving. The episode featured both people who have lost someone in an accident caused by talking or texting, or people who caused an accident because of talking or texting while driving.

Talking on a cell phone or texting while driving is called distracted driving. The U.S. Department of Transportation is working to end the danger of distracted driving on the country’s roads. Oprah is working toward the same end by creating what she calls a No Phone Zone. She has challenged drivers in the country to make the roads safer, and give up texting while driving. I totally support this, especially after seeing this episode of her show. Some of the stories-and pictures-were shocking.

It was a sobering hour, to say the least, but also one that caused me a lot of confusion. I know people talk on their cell phones while driving all the time, but have to admit, I didn’t know people texted while driving as well. I have trouble even comprehending the how of texting while driving. Texting seems difficult enough, what with those little keys, but to do it while you’re also driving?

How could anyone think that the attention it takes to text isn’t attention that really needs to be paid to the road in front of the car? And even if the texter thinks he or she is such an excellent driver and excellent texter that he can handle it, what about all the other people out there texting while driving, who may not be?

Why do you need to text while driving?

Besides wondering how texting while driving is done, I really wonder why. What in the world is so important that it must be transmitted right now, and can’t wait until the drive is done? And if it is so important, I think a person would want to either pull over or stop to make sure that the message is sent correctly.

If what’s being texted isn’t of absolute emergency-status importance, then why is it necessary to send it while driving? Why can’t it wait? And if getting where you’re going in a hurry is the issue that has people texting while driving, the texting ought to be able to wait.

As was brought home very well by this episode of the Oprah show, talking or texting while driving is a dangerous combination. I can’t imagine any situation where doing this is necessary. There’s always another option: either pull over and text, or drive and text later.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit I don’t have a cell phone, and I’ve never sent or received a text, so I don’t know what it’s all about. Maybe there are aspects of this texting issue that I’m unaware of-maybe it’s really fun or addictive. Or maybe not.

Maybe it’s just dangerous.

Oprah’s on the right track. Texting and driving don’t mix. To join Oprah’s No …