Choosing a Cell Phone: Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Choosing a cell phone can be hard. After all, there’s so many different models, with so many different features. It can be really easy to just grab the latest and greatest phone and call it good, but that phone might not be what you need. Different people use different phones for different reasons. Some people might text a lot, while others need a phone capable of scheduling their appointments. Some people might only use them to talk. The phone that’s right for you will depend greatly on your individual needs.

One of the biggest factors that is going to influence a person’s choice in cell phones is the price. Not everyone can afford to drop a lot of cash on a phone. Even the phone with less fireworks and glitter can be quite expensive. Before buying a cell phone, make sure you’ve got your budget figured out.

Many cell phones are capable of taking photos, but this might not be a feature you need. Sometimes it can be hard to find a phone without a camera! If you’re not planning to use your phone’s camera often, don’t worry about how many megapixels it is if it comes with one. If you do plan to use the camera on the phone, try to find one that takes decent photos, ideally, three megapixels. If possible, test a camera on a phone out prior to purchasing it.

If you don’t plan to use your phone for texting, you won’t need a QWERTY keyboard. A simple twelve-key phone will most likely be more than enough. If you plan on texting a lot, you may want to find a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, or a touch screen to make texting easier.

If you use your phone to schedule appointments and keep track of tasks, make sure that the phone you’re looking at has an easy to use calendar program. If you stop by a cell phone shop, you can often test out the programs on the demo phones. If you use the calendar a lot, make sure that the program isn’t frustrating, confusing or difficult to use. The last thing you need when scheduling an appointment is an issue with your phone.

Internet Use 
Although many phones are capable of connecting to the internet, some are much better at displaying it than others. If you plan to use your phone to access the internet, make sure the internet browser is easy to use and easy to view. Many phones can access the internet, but display it strangely. You can always ask to test a phone’s internet out before purchasing.

Social Networking 
Many people connect to social networks through their phone. For those that do this often, having a phone that has applications specific to social networks such as facebook, myspace or twitter can make it much easier to post status updates and upload photos.

Touch Screen 
Some people love touch screen phones while other people can’t stand them. Be sure to try the phone out before purchasing it. A touch screen might seem cool, but for someone with larger fingers, it could be a disaster. If you like the touch screen, but have issues with hitting the wrong buttons, consider using a stylus with the phone. Most phones have a small bar on the side that you can attach a stylus or strap to.

Many people are surprised to discover that cell phones are used as a GPS device and can aid in directions and navigation. If you’re one of those people who gets lost easily, you may wan a phone with a good GPS program and navigation system.

By susan