Google Rumored Near to Unveiling Bendable Smartphone with Ceramic Case

Rumors surrounding the release of a so-called super-smartphone by Google have had the Internet buzzing for several months, and now, Mail Online is reporting that inside sources say the phone, part of Google’s Project X, will have a ceramic case with a bendable screen and will have gesture recognition to boot. GizModo says such rumors might be a bit premature, but agrees that Google is working on a cutting edge phone with hardware maker Motorola.

Up till now, Google has served as merely a partner in the creation of smartphones, adding the operating system, Android, of course, but also technical expertise. The result has been phones with the Google logo on them but that have been designed by the hardware makers. This time, it appears things are going the other way around, Mail says. Google is in the driver’s seat, dictating what they want, and Motorola is simply doing the companies bidding – it’s actually owned by Google after all, much like the arrangements Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have with their hardware makers. The end result is expected to be a phone that has just Google’s name on it, much like the tablets Microsoft has created. The purpose, GizModo says, is to create a dynamic, cutting edge phone with a cool factor strong enough to best the iPhone.

To that end, Online says, rumor has it that the phone will have a bendable screen, making it safe for stuffing in a pocket without worrying about breaking or scratching it. To take full advantage of the screen, the case is believed to be made out of a type of ceramic that is also bendable, making it possible to bend the entire phone. Also, taking a cue for Microsoft, the phone is likely to have gesture recognition, though it’s not clear if it will be as sophisticated as game controllers.

GizModo isn’t quite so optimistic about when the phone will reach the market, however, indicating that it’s sources (at the Wall Street Journal, no less) have heard that Motorola is having difficulty implementing all the things that Google wants. The result has been numerous delays, which are likely serving to make Google nervous – worried that others will beat them to the punch with new exciting technology.

If Google does debut a phone, perhaps as early as this spring, most believe they will unveil a companion tablet computer to go along with it, similar once again to the way Apple has gone about its business. At any rate, as GizModo notes, all the competition going on to create the newest coolest phone, can only benefit consumers by bring new technology to market at reasonable prices.

By susan