GSM Cell Phones

What is a GSM cell phone? A GSM cell phone is a mobile phone that operates and makes us of GSM or Global System for Mobile communication technology. If you have a mobile phone, chances are, that mobile phone that you own is a GSM cell phone. Everywhere in the world, almost all mobile phones are GSM cell phones. This is because GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is used worldwide. To date, GSM has more then two billion mobile phone users worldwide. This number would mean that there are more then two billion GSM cell phones in the world. Since GSM is the preferred mobile phone technology used everywhere in the world, you are bound to find a GSM cell phone wherever you are. Now, with the growing popularity of the GSM cell phone, you have to wonder, what is so special about the GSM cell phone? What does GSM stand for? What is GSM and what is the GSM network? Read along and these questions will be answered.

What does GSM stand for? Officially, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. However, because of what GSM has done for the global mobile phone communications, GSM also stands for innovation and brilliant technology. What is GSM? GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is the technology used in cellular phones. GSM is the system found in your GSM cell phone. It allows you to call your friends via voice calls. GSM also allows you to send your friends an SMS or a text message. Indeed, GSM cell phones made mobile phone usage a lot more convenient and fun. Now, in discussing and giving a short overview of GSM and what GSM can do, the question “what is the GSM network?” will be answered. The GSM network allows voice calls and text messaging or SMS. An overview of GSM and of the GSM cell phone will tell you that GSM cleverly started the trend in text messaging. Before, we all had to make voice calls to communicate with family, friends, and business associates. Yes, it is efficient and effective because you can get your message across and you can get your response within seconds. By calling using a GSM cell phone, you can talk to someone as if he or she is right there with you. However, GSM saw the need to have a low cost alternative to voice calls. This is why GSM or Global System for Mobile communication came up with short messaging service or SMS. This is the reason why you can now send text messages using your GSM cell phone.

True enough, the GSM cell phone is one of the unique breakthroughs in mobile phone technology. GSM technology is introduced to more parts of the world and GSM phones and GSM sim cards are manufactured globally. GSM cell phones make mobile phone usage a better experience for everyone.

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