How to Choose Suitable Headphones?

The sensation of music depends mostly on quality of your headphones. Almost all players, Ipods, mobile phones and other gadgets are equipped with headphones. I will not mention the quality of such headphones because often they are not able to bring pleasure from your favorite music. Such headphones serve as a «small attachment» to your player, mobile phone etc. Those who want to enjoy the quality of music must certainly give up an idea of using such headphones. This article will give you a review of different types of headphones which you might find either comfortable or inconvenient, either good or bad. A price of high-quality headphones from well known producer can reach and even exceed the price of your player. Such high-quality headphones can breath life into your favourite music.

Types of headphones


Insert-type or “earbuds” are supplied with almost all players and mobile phones. You will hear neither bass nor clear voice. Of course, there is absolutely no sound proofing. In subway, you will probably have to increase sound on upper limit in order to hear something. Such «China-made» headphones can not satisfy music lovers, so I advice you to throw them away. Quality earbuds must be bought separately. I advice you to buy another type of earbuds – «in-ear» headphones. They can cost from $15 till $150, but such price is reasonable. The main merit of such headphones is a deafen cover, which look like a silicone cap. Such headphones have very nice sound and perfect bass. So if you like electronic or hard music you must certainly buy such type of headphones. I can advice the following models which are most popular in the stores: Creative Zen Aurvana, Audio-Technica ATH-CK5, Sennheiser CX 400 and Philips SHE8500. There are though several disadvantages of such «in-ear» headphones. One of the major problems is that the source of sound is more near to ear than in other headphones. Doctors say that it may harm your organ of hearing. So you must look after the volume and check that the sound level is not very loud.

Monitor headphones

Full-size headphones or monitor headphones can not be used for daily usage with you player because of their size and especially because of the ear cups which fully cover your ear. These ear cups prevent your headphones from falling from your head and filter the outside noise. Most ear cups are made of natural materials but there are many models which use synthetic materials. If you use synthetic ear cups your ears will sweat.

There are two types of monitor headphones: opened and closed earphones. The first one has a small hole in ear cups. This hole improve the quality of sound but it also alow the outside sound to come through. The closed one doesn’t have such hole and the quality of bass is a little bit better than in opened headphones. In general, the better the quality of sound in monitor headphones the higher the price of the headphones. Good ones will cost you approximately $60 – $100, the best ones can cost $200 and even more. The most popular brands of monitor headphones are Sennheiser, AudioTechnica and AKG.

Laid on headphones

Laid on headphones is a adaptation of monitor headphones for mobile usage. Such headphones are smaller, so you can carry them almost everywhere. Ear cups in laid on headphones do not fully cover but only adjoin your ear. Therefore, their soundproofing is a bit worse so you will not be able to enjoy your music in noisy places. Laid on headphones are suitable if you prefer a vocal music. I would advice you the Creative HQ 1900.

Connection types

Now we are ready to discuss the types of connection. I mean the way you connect your headphones to your player.

The most common way of connection is cable connection. The length of cable can vary from 0.2 m. to 3 m. or even more. If you are using your headphones with your cell phone or with your player, you must not buy 3 m. length headphones. 1 m. will be more than enough for you. For home usage you must definitely chose 3 m. model.

Modern technologies allow us to use wireless headphones which work on bluetooth technology. The only way to enjoy the music on bluetooth headphones is a player which supports Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP function. You may also use a special adapter which is included in almost all bluetooth headphones.

If you are a music fan, I definitely will not recommend you to use such connection type because bluetooth technology is using compression in order to transfer your music from the player to your bluetooth headphones. Your music will sound like muffled and chatter. Best headphones will cost you approximately $200. I would advice you the Philips SHB7102.

Main specifications

The last part of this review will describe the main specifications of headphones.

Frequency range

Frequency range informs about the lowest «low frequency» and about the highest «high frequency» of your headphones. The best combination is 5 Hz – 25 KHz.


The more power the more volume. The optimal power for insert-type headphones is 200 MW. For monitor headphones it is 500 MW. – 1000 MW.


The higher resistance of your headphones the better your headphones are protected from outside noises which come from different devices and signals. It is not suitable for your player but it is necessary if you listen music from your PC. A resistance of 32 Ohm will be enough for common players.

By susan