How to Donate Used Cell Phone Batteries

The amount of cell phones being produced and purchased increases drastically every year. No part of a cell phone is biodegradable. Discarded cell phone batteries actually contain chemical compounds that are harmful to nature and the environment if not properly recycled. Numerous charitable organizations have a need for old cell phones and/or old cell phone batteries. Regardless of the condition every cell phone can be donated to a charitable organization. Some organizations sell the used phones to a recycling company, while other organizations reprogram the phones for future use. Below are steps explaining how to donate a used cell phone and a list of possible donation locations.


Decide the working condition of your used cell phone in terms of how the phone functions and battery life. If possible clear all contacts, videos, photographs, voice and text messages.


Search online for places to donate used cell phones. Deciding where to donate a used cell phone depends on the over-all working condition of the phone and the battery. If the cell phone and battery are in good working order the phone may be donated to an organization that will reprogram the phone. If the cell phone or battery is not functioning the phone will need to be donated to an organization that will sell the phone to a recycling company.


Prepare the used cell phone for shipping based on where the phone is being shipped. If the phone is going to be reprogrammed be sure the phone is well protected and include any accessories including battery recharger. If the cell phone is going to be recycled be sure the phone is protected well enough to endure shipping. A note or letter is not required with the cell phone donation.

By susan