Improve Customer Service: Phone Policies

Customer service is an often overlooked necessary component for any business that expects to be successful. Any and every company should attempt to continuously provide better customer service to attract and maintain customers. More customers leads to more profit. Developing and maintaining an easy to use phone system is one way of providing better customer service. Following these few steps will help your business in this endeavor.

Have a specific greeting.

No matter what your business is, you will want to have some type of standardized greeting for your customers that call. Typically, you will first want to inform the customer of your business name. This will immediately let your customer know that they have dialed the correct number. After this, you or your employees should let your customer know who they are talking to. Using only your first name is suggested for this introduction. Not only does this not sound formal and stuffy, but it also gives the customer the impression that you are both equals. Titles have a way of turning people off when calling a business. For the last component, you should try and get creative. Lines such as “how may I help you today?” are efficient but overused and generic. Instead, try a line similar to “how may I make your day great today?” This is a very simple, yet effective way to improve customer service.

Have a policy for using the hold feature.

While it is necessary to put a customer on hold from time to time, this practice should only be used when absolutely necessary. Customers appreciate constant information and hate to wait. Waiting for even a minute can seem like an eternity to some people. To avoid excessive use of the hold feature, invest in cordless phones. While this may not be applicable for all businesses, most should be able to use these phones. Instead of putting the customer on hold, walk around while you find the information the customer is requesting, all the while informing them of what you are doing and engaging in small talk in between. Whatever you do, try to not put a customer on hold for more than three minutes. If anything, get the customer’s contact information and give the customer a call back when you have the information ready. Having customers on hold for too long will kill your customer service image.

Have an easy to use phone system.

All businesses (for the most part) close during certain hours. Having an easy to use phone system during these times is essential to improve your customer service. Typically, you will want to have a recorded message of some kind to let your customer know that your business is currently closed, what your operating hours are, and potentially an option for the customer to leave a message. Do not make this message overly complicated. If you want to develop a more thorough system that involves the customer pressing numbers, just make sure that this process is not painful or take too much of the customer’s time. Once again, time can either make or break your business when it comes to customer service.

Hopefully you will be able to use these easy tips to provide a better experience for your customers, no matter what your business is. At the very least, you should try and have a phone system that will not turn your customers off. But why stop there? Make your phone system creative and you may attract even more customers!

By susan