Karaoke Wireless Microphones – Here’s What to Look For

Thanks to advances in recording technology, microphones for karaoke have improved tremendously in the past few years. Wireless technology has also improved dramatically, resulting in wireless karaoke microphones that not only are rugged and full of cool features; they work as well as their corded counterparts.

What to look for in a good wireless karaoke microphone: rugged construction is the first thing to look for, it’s a sign that the mike is of good quality, and will hold up under constant use. You would be surprised at how even an amateur karaoke setup can wreak havoc on poor quality microphones.

Next, look for noise filter technology. If your mike loses signal for even a second, it can send a nasty bit of noise through your sound system, resulting in an embarrassing glitch in your performance. Noise filters monitor this condition and will attenuate any noise that results from losing connection.

Battery life is another important consideration. While many lower-priced mikes use nine-volt or AAA batteries, the better units feature rechargeable battery packs with a recharging base. This is a great convenience, and well worth the extra money.

The specs on your microphone can be manipulated to look good on the package, so beware of incredible specs on a cheap mike. All mikes can state a wide frequency response – it’s the sensitivity at the low and high ends that separate a good microphone from a cheap one.

There are 3 main types of wireless – FM, VHF and UHF. Older mikes used FM frequencies, but were prone to interference. Newer, multichannel VHF and UHF models give better performance.

By susan