MySpace Mobile: Too Popular or Too Slow?

Near the closing of the 2008,┬áMySpace┬áMobile may be the third greatest downloaded app within the Android App world (reported by Google’s App gauges by fame). Many additional web logs and sites have produced erroneous statistics from Fast Company’s content deduced from an article written by Medialets that Alex Muse often rebuts.

Averaging 50,000-250,000 downloads, over 9,000 comments, a median Android Application user grading of 3.5, and a mediocre Rating of three Android Tapps. When did this application crash? Remember this is MySpace.

The Issue

MySpace was capable of producing so many downloads from their own company name and fame entirely. Only the application lets down most expectations. MySpace Mobile, has many flaws as stated, and doesn’t even come close to the WAP edition. Also many complaints of login problems and very slow load times have been echoed. In reality it is more of a status update rather than a pic uploader, then again you cannot accomplish that out and about without the Android Application. There’s other reasons to even use this app.

Further Unanswered Questions.

* MySpace Mobile is featureless when compared to the WAP version, such that as; making friend requests, blogging, and posting bulletins. Is there a gameplan to make this application better then the WAP release?

* Besides the above-named lacking characteristics, it could be an amazing program if desktop options were transferred across like; making a new profile, media player, a chat feature would be nice also. Is there any intention of adding these features?

* Most users complain of login problems and slow functionality, is any solution in the works?

* Why does MySpace constantly hammer the Mobile download when you have already selected to view the desktop version. Before and after logging in?

By susan