New Cellular Services Are Available that Transform Your Cell Phone

It is so great to be alive in this day and age, when so many innovations abound! Among the most exciting of all innovations is the advent of enhanced cellular phone services.

I can remember when just having a mobile phone was a mark of distinction, and when they were the size of a brick. Now, even the little old ladies in the grocery stores can be seen chatting away while they shop for vegetables.

Cell phones have already become a personal statement among the younger crowd, with flashing antennas, charms, novel ringtones, and even pink phones broadcasting uniqueness. Literally millions of ways to personalize your phone are now available, I have included two good sources for ringtones and accessories in the links below.

This is just the beginning of what the mobile providers have planned!

Innovative new service provider Amped Mobile announced their new EV-DO service at the February CTIA show , which includes broadcast shows available for the very first time over a mobile phone. Imagine, watching your phone as if you were watching TV! Amped also allows users to play realistic 3D games, download music as if the phone were an iPod, and view their bill in real time over the mobile screen. The Kyocera phones they offer are designed for the younger crowd, and boast large screens and sleek industrial designs. Look for this new provider to take market share from youth-oriented T-Mobile in the months to come.

Now, not only can you watch TV type shows on your mobile phone, you can create and share them. The new company YouTube allows you to use your video camera phone to shoot video, then share it with a wide audience by uploading it to their site: YouTube is organized to allow groups to form, allowing you to share your videos only with your friends and family if you choose.

Family oriented service provider Verizon Wireless has just added a new phone to its mix, the V-cast, which allows music to be downloaded and shared. This phone has a camcorder, stereo speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera, and Bluetooth link. It is now going for $49.99 on Verizon’s website after rebate:

It is clear that service providers are sick of losing customer to the next great deal from their competitors. They have found that the only way to keep customers is to give them more than voice services. I can hardly wait to see what comes next!

By susan