Persephone Waiting for Spring

A Shakespearean sonnet about the springtime. Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring, had to stay in the underworld half the year, during which her mother, Demeter, let the world freeze. In the spring, she would leave her husband Hades and return. This poem is about her feelings on the yearly ritual.

I see the fields now turning green for spring! 
Sweet Persephone’s long sojourn is done. 
Demeter warms the earth and it can sing: 
The victory o’er Hades now is won!

Yet fair Koré does pause to heave a sigh, 
This upperworld seems strange and cold to her, 
The light so bright from Helios on high 
Hurts fair eyes that in the dark were so sure.

Fair Koré longs for the cold winds of fall 
That from the underworld bring another, 
Whose darker aspect casts a shadowy pall 
On the green, growing fields of her mother.

For the girl imprisoned by Demeter: 
A pomegranate is always sweeter.

By susan