Review of the LG 600 Cell Phone by Net 10

This wasn’t a bad cell phone at all but one of the things I didn’t like about it was it felt a little to bulky and rather heavy for a flip phone and this sucked but it wasn’t too bad but it still was bad enough where it annoyed me. I also didn’t like the color of the buttons on the inside because it didn’t look good on this phone and it made the phone look cheap. The phone was very durable though and could take a lot of droppings which was a good thing so I will say this phone was very durable. The other thing I didn’t like was that the buttons felt rather cheap and I felt like I was going to damage them because of how cheap they felt which was not a good feeling to have and it would have been cool if this phone came with some nice games but the phone was rather boring when it came to fun stuff on the phone because it didn’t come with any fun games, not even any fun basic games which was a downer for me.

I liked the camera on this phone and even though the graphics were horrible and was still cool that this phone was cheap in price and still able to take photos with it so this was pretty cool but the quality of the camera really sucked and was horrible. I use to talk a lot on this phone and it actually had a decent battery life and I only had to charge it once a day which was good and made life convenient which I liked. The reception was good for the most part but there were a few times where the phone wouldn’t work that good but it did work for the most part which was great but the phone had a hard time in areas such as cellars, wooded areas and some busy city sections which I thought was weird but for the most part the phone worked where it needed to work but it would have been cool if the phone worked in some busy sections of a lot of different cities. Sometimes the speakerphone feature sucked on this phone and didn’t work a lot of times and once in awhile the phone’s speaker wouldn’t work at all for some reason and the person on the other end wouldn’t be able to hear me at all and this did get me ticked off quite often when this did happen.

The volume of this phone could get loud so it was nice because I could hear people loud and clear on the other end of the phone which was sweet. I also liked that this phone was only about forty bucks which was cheap and the quality of phone was good for being so cheap so this was great and a good surprise. TheĀ ringtonesĀ that came with this phone weren’t anything special and they sounded rather lame and annoying but they were loud and I liked using this phone was an alarm because of how loud the ringtones and the alarm was on this phone which was awesome. This phone also didn’t take long to charge at all and this was a very good thing. All in all this phone was pretty basic but it did what it was suppose to do but the reception wasn’t perfect or close to it and the durability was decent but the price of the phone rocked big time and this phone could hold a charge and it didn’t take long to charge and I for one think that this is a good phone.

By susan