Save Money on Your Telephone Service

Most of us pay at least $40.00-$50.00 or more a month on residential telephone service. Businesses telephone lines can even cost much more than that. If you have several calling features or make a lot of long distance calls, this figure could go up significantly.

If you live in many areas in Kentucky, North Carolina and Mississippi there may be a more cost effective solution. A telecommunications company called Dialog Telecommunications offers solutions that can cut your telephone bill by a minimum of $5.00 to $15.00 or more a month.

Dialog Telecommunications is not an Internet based phone service, it is a traditional land line based phone service. How it works, is simple.

Your existing telephone service provider, Bell South for instance, still owns and services the main telephone lines. If you are having a new phone installed they, not Dialog Telecommunications, are the ones who will install or repair your phone lines on Dialog Telecommunicaitons’ behalf.

You are not paying both telephone companies, you are only paying Dialog Telecommunications who in turns pays fees to say, Bell South or whomever is your local provider. The new laws and regulations over the past few years have made telephone service much more competitive ending the virtual monopoly most telephone companies have had in the past. Now consumers have choices that make their money go further and get more calling features to boot.

Dialog Telecommunications telephone calling plans may vary in price by coverage area somewhat, but how it works is simple. The quoted monthly price is a flat rate, there are never, ever any added taxes and fees-unlike traditional telephone carriers such as Bell South. This rate never changes, no matter how many covered minutes you use your telephone line. You are also given a guarantee that you rate will never go up as long as you are a Dialog Telecommunications customer. What more can you ask for!

I live in Western Kentucky which is covered by Bell South. My monthly telephone bill rate was over $45.00 through Bell South for a plan that had two ring tones (not two telephone lines, just ring tones), caller ID, and call waiting. No long distance calling minutes or any other perks were included.

Now through Dialog Telecommunications I pay $35.00 per month, every month with no rate changes. I now have unlimited local calling, unlimited local long distance calling (not nation wide long distance) and unlimited calling features.

With Dialog Telecommunications, you can have almost all the calling features Bell South provides. Personally, I have call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and caller ID. These are all included in your monthly fee with Dialog Telecommunications. There is no change in your monthly rate if you have one or ten calling features activated on your account. They do have to be requested either at sign up or by a simple phone call once you’re a customer.

The unlimited, anytime local long distance is an excellent feature. The site clearly maps in detail the local long distance areas for each state.

Areas, say only ten to twenty minutes from my home that used to be considered long distance are now considered part of my local area. I can now call areas for free that are up to about two hours away. This includes a little over 1/3 of the state of Kentucky. Areas that would have previously been long distance, are now considered a local, unlimited calling area through Dialog Telecommunications.

There is a caveat as to Dialog Telecommunications long distance that differs from Bell South. With Bell South, weather or not you make long distance calls each month, you usually have and are charged a monthly fee by a long distance carrier (AT&T;, MCI, Sprint, etc.).

With Dialog Telecommunications, unless you sign them up as your long distance carrier with their nationwide plan, you can not make long distance calls from your phone without the use of any prepaid long distance phone card-period. For those who don’t like to bother with phone cards, this could be an issue. Or if you run out of phone card minutes, and need to make a long distance call-you wouldn’t be able to do so.

I am not sure if you can arrange to have a long distance carrier other than Dialog Telecommunications such as AT&T;, MCI, Sprint, etc… and have them send you a separate monthly bill. But, I don’t believe you can. For those interested in finding this out or who have other questions, they could call the number listed on the site 1-888-439-6100 and inquire about this.

This also means that you can not receive collect phone calls or dial 1-900 phone numbers. So parents now don’t have to worry about “Junior” or “Sally” making expensive phone calls without their permission, this is simply impossible under this plan unless you are using a phone card. Even with Dialog’s unlimited long distance plan the collect calling and 1-900 phone number restrictions still apply.

If you wish to have unlimited, anytime, nationwide long distance calling included from Dialog Telecommunications along with your local long distance and the above calling plan, your total phone bill (including all the features mentioned above) is $60.00 in many areas. For families that use a lot of nationwide long distance, this could be a great money saver. For our family, since we don’t use that much long distance we do better with calling cards.

It should be noted that Dialog Telecommunications does not send out monthly invoices through the mail. They require monthly payment by either credit card or direct withdrawal from your checking account. We have used them for five years and paid with direct withdrawal from our checking account. We have not once had too much taken out, or one penny over $35.00 taken out, or been double billed or had any other problems with billing what so ever.

After having had their telephone service at two homes over five years, I can say we have been very pleased with Dialog’s Telecommunications service. The sound quality of the calls is identical to Bell South. The calling features offered are exceptional and always work. We have repeatedly recommended Dialog Telecommunications to friends and family who are as pleased as we are with Dialog’s service.

The telephone service has been operational and up and working at least 98% of the time. And the few times it was out due to bad weather and storm damage to telephone lines-it was repaired about as quickly as Bell South did. Bell South still provides the repair service, and they are good about treating Dialog Telecommunications customers as good as they treat their own.

Overall, Dialog Telecommunications is an excellent value. They provide quality service with many calling features at a price that cannot be beat. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Don’t be fooled by ads promising $25.00 or $35.00 telephone service from their competitors. If you look closer you will find that after taxes and fees that $25.00 or $35.00 telephone bill is $30.00-$45.00 dollars or more. Dialog telecommunications tells you exactly what you will pay and never asks for one penny more. For those of us tired of being nickeled and dimed by telephone companies, Dialog Telecommunications is a refreshing alternative.

By susan