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Roadpost.com: Choosing the Right Phone for Overseas Trips

Roadpost.com: Choosing the Right Phone for Overseas Trips

When you travel overseas, it is necessary to get the proper phone so that you can keep in touch with people who are still in the United States. If you try and use you own phone, then you might be surprised to find out when you are already off your plane that U.S. phones do not work overseas.

The reason almost all U.S. cellular phone do not work abroad is because the network services that the U.S. uses do not work with the different GSM systems used in most other countries like Europe.

Fortunately, there is a solution to your problem. www.roadpost.com offers cell phones for rent when you go abroad. These phones include Blackberry phones and satellite phones as well. Roadpost lets you rent phones that will definitely work in the places that you will be visiting abroad. You can make use of their 30-day cell phone rental which allows you to have free incoming calls and voicemail, and also comes with call waiting.

Roadpost is easy to apply for, and is definitely a must if you need to communicate when you are abroad. Simply go to their site and order your phone to be shipped to your address when you need it. The best date to have them shipped is two days before your trip is scheduled, and if you have an unscheduled trip, then you can have next-day delivery as well. The cell phone that you get comes with an extra battery, a headset, a charger, and adapters.

Once Roadpost ships your phone, you get an email which has the phone number so that you can tell others to contact you using that number. You can even have business cards printed with the international phone number if you would like. Some network providers will even let you use the same number on your phone number for your international phone. Just ask your provider about this service and how much it will cost you.

If you want to use both text messaging and email while you are on your trip, then you can rent a Blackberry from Roadpost. With a Blackberry, you can easily email from your phone and you will not have to worry about high costs or going to the internet café.

If the places you are going to are far from civilization or just plain remote, you might want a satellite phone. These get their signals from satellites and can get signal from anywhere in the world, from oceans to mountains to deserts, so you do not have to worry about losing communication.

After you are done with your trip, you can ship the phone back using the return kit which you receive from Roadpost. You can also choose to make use of their monthly airtime plan if you travel a lot, so that you will use the same phone and number when you travel.…

Tips for Buying the Perfect Cell Phone

Tips for Buying the Perfect Cell Phone

With all of the different cell phones on the market today you may find that it is very difficult to find one that is right for you. You may even find yourself thinking that it is not even worth buying one at all. It does not have to be that hard. By following a few easy steps you may just find yourself with a new cell phone in no time at all.

Step Number One: 
Find a reliable store. Before going out and trying to find a cell phone you will want to first find a store that will help you out until the end. When deciding which store to go with you will want to do some research. First, find out if the store offers service at their location. Some stores do not have some one on hand to fix cell phones. If this is not an issue for you then you do not need to find out this information, but if you are one of the many who do not feel like making another trip to get your cell phone fixed, you will want to make sure that the location you have chosen has a technician. You will also want to find out what the hours are like at the store you have chosen. See what times they open and close, and always make sure if they are opened on the weekends. By finding out what each store has to offer you, it will make your decision a little easier. After you find out what each location is about, you can then narrow down which stores you want to go check out.

Step Number Two: 
Go look at the stores you have researched. After you have narrowed down which stores might be the right store for you, go check them out. By actually going into the individual stores you will be able to meet the people who are on hand and see if they offer a wide selection of cell phones that you like. This will help you make a final decision on a store that will be the best help for you.

Step Number Three: 
Check out the different cell phone models. Before you decide to go out and purchase a new cell phones, always make sure and check out all of the different models that your store has to offer. If you did not end up finding a store that would help you out, you can always go on to the Internet and find a site that offers cell phones that can be delivered to your home. If you decide to go to a store to buy a new cell phone or if you decide that the Internet is a good choice for you, you will at first want to find out what each cell phone model has to offer. You can find out what each cell phone is about by either checking them out on the Internet or …

Review of the LG 600 Cell Phone by Net 10

Review of the LG 600 Cell Phone by Net 10

This wasn’t a bad cell phone at all but one of the things I didn’t like about it was it felt a little to bulky and rather heavy for a flip phone and this sucked but it wasn’t too bad but it still was bad enough where it annoyed me. I also didn’t like the color of the buttons on the inside because it didn’t look good on this phone and it made the phone look cheap. The phone was very durable though and could take a lot of droppings which was a good thing so I will say this phone was very durable. The other thing I didn’t like was that the buttons felt rather cheap and I felt like I was going to damage them because of how cheap they felt which was not a good feeling to have and it would have been cool if this phone came with some nice games but the phone was rather boring when it came to fun stuff on the phone because it didn’t come with any fun games, not even any fun basic games which was a downer for me.

I liked the camera on this phone and even though the graphics were horrible and was still cool that this phone was cheap in price and still able to take photos with it so this was pretty cool but the quality of the camera really sucked and was horrible. I use to talk a lot on this phone and it actually had a decent battery life and I only had to charge it once a day which was good and made life convenient which I liked. The reception was good for the most part but there were a few times where the phone wouldn’t work that good but it did work for the most part which was great but the phone had a hard time in areas such as cellars, wooded areas and some busy city sections which I thought was weird but for the most part the phone worked where it needed to work but it would have been cool if the phone worked in some busy sections of a lot of different cities. Sometimes the speakerphone feature sucked on this phone and didn’t work a lot of times and once in awhile the phone’s speaker wouldn’t work at all for some reason and the person on the other end wouldn’t be able to hear me at all and this did get me ticked off quite often when this did happen.

The volume of this phone could get loud so it was nice because I could hear people loud and clear on the other end of the phone which was sweet. I also liked that this phone was only about forty bucks which was cheap and the quality of phone was good for being so cheap so this was great and a good surprise. The ringtones that came with …

Cell Phone Use 101

Cell Phone Use 101

Cell phones have been around for several years and during that time have changed from big clunky portable phones to miniature computers that can do a lot more than being used to call other people. So, for those of you with the ultra modern, sleek, the-only-thing-I-need-in-life phones, this may not be for you. However, if you are just entering the world of cell phone ownership and have no idea how to even begin to use it to make a call, read on.

A few years ago when I got my first cell phone I was unsure of what to do with it or even how to begin to use a cell phone. Even though the phone came with a manual, not all of my questions were answered.

My biggest question was, how do I use it to make a call? I think that most people would view that as a pretty basic but important question. Of course, that question was not answered in the manual or anywhere on their website. What I eventually learned is that it is not hard to use at all. First, it is not always necessary to dial in the area code and you never need to press 1 first, like you do on a land line. If you are saving someone as a contact, I would include the area code because you never know where you will be if you want to call them. If you want to use your cell phone for local calls, you can probably get away with not using the area code. However, if you are using your cell phone somewhere other than at home, you will need to use the area code. If you do not, then you never know who your cell phone will end up calling. Trust me. I have done this a few times and ended up talking to some really confused people. It is also a good idea to write down the phone numbers you have saved in your phone in case you lose your cell phone or your battery goes dead. So to make a call, first enter the phone number (with or without the area code) of the person you want to call.

A second thing to keep in mind when making a call is that you must press ‘Send’ or ‘Call’ or the green telephone button when you are finished entering the phone number. Unlike a land line, the phone will not automatically begin dialing. This is good because if you accidentally dial the wrong number, you can clear the last digits or move backwards to clear the wrong digits and enter the correct ones. However, if you forget to push the button, you can stand there for several seconds with the phone to your ear before you realize what you forgot. Then you end up feeling like a dork, even though no one around you knows what you did. Do not worry. We have all experienced this at …

The Easiest Phone Search Reverse Lookup System Ever – Learn How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

The Easiest Phone Search Reverse Lookup System Ever – Learn How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

If you want to perform a reverse cell phone number look up, you are not alone. People from everywhere across the country are curious about the number that keeps calling and hanging up, the number that keeps showing up on your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s call history, the number that you found in your drawer with no name to it. Whatever the reason, curiosity spurs us to search for answers about who is on the other end of the phone.

Unfortunately, because cell phones are not listed in phone books and are not in the public domain for privacy reasons, it is much more difficult to trace a cell phone number than it is a landline number. There are many good reasons that these numbers are kept private and secure; however, we are slowly losing that privacy. As telemarketers and companies gain access to our cell phone numbers, it means we receive more solicitations and have to pay for more minutes. There are ways to conduct reverse look up inquiries for cell phone numbers.

Although cell numbers are not listed in phone books or public domain, the communication companies do keep track of numbers within their internal databases. Obviously, you are not allowed to go into these databases and search, but there are many companies who purchase information from these databases and compile all the results so they have access and a listing of almost all of the numbers across the United States.

Since the cell phone providers charge the listing services to access their databases, a reverse cell phone number look up will usually cost you a small fee.

Resuming, if you are really serious on your cell phone number search and you want accurate information instead of obsolete data, I urge you to perform a cell phone number search. The search fee is really low, and if you are desperate about getting the phone number owner personal information, then it is really worth it.

Online Phone Number Lookup…

How to Send Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

How to Send Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

This guide will show you how to make ring tones from music on your computer and send it to your cell phone for free. Please note, in order to do this you will need to download software called ToneThis and you will need a music player (such as windows media player, winamp, itunes, etc.). Download the free software. Before downloading, be sure to click on supported phones to make sure this software is compatible with your cellphone. Once you download the software, install it onto your computer. Now that you have the software needed to send the ring tone to your phone, it is time for you to pick the song you wish to send. Open up your music player (i.e., windows media player, etc.) and listen to the song you want to make a ring tone. While you’re listening to the song, write down on a piece of paper what part of the song you would like to use as the ring tone. You will need a starting point and ending point for the song (ex: start at 01:23, end at 01:33). Once you have written down the portion of the song you wish to use as a ring tone, it is time to install the ToneThis software.

When you run the software for the first time, it will ask for a serial number for pro edition. Ignore this. Click on the button underneath that says continue with free edition. Create a profile name for your phone, then enter your email address. Then enter your mobile phone information, country, carrier, manufacturer, handset, and cell phone number (ex., United States, Verizon, LG, VX8500). You will have to refer to the paperwork you received with your phone or go to your service provider to obtain the manufacturer and handset information. After entering your information press ok. You can close out the hints and tips screen that first appears, because I’m telling you how to use the program, or you can read it for more information.

You’ll notice at the top that you can send ring tones, wallpapers, videos, and games all to your phone. In this tutorial, however, I’m only covering ring tones. Click the browse button on the left hand side and locate the music file (song) you wish to make a ring tone out of. Tone this will process the file (convert it). Once it has finished you will see the song waveform in the middle of your screen. Below this you will see play and stop options, and song length information. Now it is time to pull out the piece of paper you wrote your song information on (the start time and end time of your ring tone). When you double click in the middle of the screen on the waveform you will notice a number shows. This number indicates where you are in the song. Find the starting point you wish to use (from my previous example above, start …

Cell Phones, Pre-teens, and the Horrible Parent

Cell Phones, Pre-teens, and the Horrible Parent

We’ve all seen it before. A young girl, 8 or 9 years old, wanders around our place of employment or a store we frequent. There’s no sign of an adult accompanying her, but thankfully she has the almighty her cell phone in hand.

Unfortunately for this little girl and others like her, she’s being neglected by her parent. If someone wants to abduct your daughter, chances are the first thing they’re going to do is slap that phone right out of her hand. The majority of children under the age of 13 have no need for a cell phone, because they shouldn’t be in a situation where they’re left to wander around without adult supervision for extended periods of time.

These are, of course, only my personal opinions on the subject. Letting your child have a cell phone isn’t always a bad idea, but it’s up to the parents to not let it change how they care for their child. A good rule of thumb is that if your child’s baby sitter can fit in their pocket, they need a new one.…

GSM Cell Phones

GSM Cell Phones

What is a GSM cell phone? A GSM cell phone is a mobile phone that operates and makes us of GSM or Global System for Mobile communication technology. If you have a mobile phone, chances are, that mobile phone that you own is a GSM cell phone. Everywhere in the world, almost all mobile phones are GSM cell phones. This is because GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is used worldwide. To date, GSM has more then two billion mobile phone users worldwide. This number would mean that there are more then two billion GSM cell phones in the world. Since GSM is the preferred mobile phone technology used everywhere in the world, you are bound to find a GSM cell phone wherever you are. Now, with the growing popularity of the GSM cell phone, you have to wonder, what is so special about the GSM cell phone? What does GSM stand for? What is GSM and what is the GSM network? Read along and these questions will be answered.

What does GSM stand for? Officially, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. However, because of what GSM has done for the global mobile phone communications, GSM also stands for innovation and brilliant technology. What is GSM? GSM or Global System for Mobile communication is the technology used in cellular phones. GSM is the system found in your GSM cell phone. It allows you to call your friends via voice calls. GSM also allows you to send your friends an SMS or a text message. Indeed, GSM cell phones made mobile phone usage a lot more convenient and fun. Now, in discussing and giving a short overview of GSM and what GSM can do, the question “what is the GSM network?” will be answered. The GSM network allows voice calls and text messaging or SMS. An overview of GSM and of the GSM cell phone will tell you that GSM cleverly started the trend in text messaging. Before, we all had to make voice calls to communicate with family, friends, and business associates. Yes, it is efficient and effective because you can get your message across and you can get your response within seconds. By calling using a GSM cell phone, you can talk to someone as if he or she is right there with you. However, GSM saw the need to have a low cost alternative to voice calls. This is why GSM or Global System for Mobile communication came up with short messaging service or SMS. This is the reason why you can now send text messages using your GSM cell phone.

True enough, the GSM cell phone is one of the unique breakthroughs in mobile phone technology. GSM technology is introduced to more parts of the world and GSM phones and GSM sim cards are manufactured globally. GSM cell phones make mobile phone usage a better experience for everyone.

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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSM 
2. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-gsm-phone.htm…

Choosing a Cell Phone: Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Choosing a Cell Phone: Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Choosing a cell phone can be hard. After all, there’s so many different models, with so many different features. It can be really easy to just grab the latest and greatest phone and call it good, but that phone might not be what you need. Different people use different phones for different reasons. Some people might text a lot, while others need a phone capable of scheduling their appointments. Some people might only use them to talk. The phone that’s right for you will depend greatly on your individual needs.

One of the biggest factors that is going to influence a person’s choice in cell phones is the price. Not everyone can afford to drop a lot of cash on a phone. Even the phone with less fireworks and glitter can be quite expensive. Before buying a cell phone, make sure you’ve got your budget figured out.

Many cell phones are capable of taking photos, but this might not be a feature you need. Sometimes it can be hard to find a phone without a camera! If you’re not planning to use your phone’s camera often, don’t worry about how many megapixels it is if it comes with one. If you do plan to use the camera on the phone, try to find one that takes decent photos, ideally, three megapixels. If possible, test a camera on a phone out prior to purchasing it.

If you don’t plan to use your phone for texting, you won’t need a QWERTY keyboard. A simple twelve-key phone will most likely be more than enough. If you plan on texting a lot, you may want to find a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, or a touch screen to make texting easier.

If you use your phone to schedule appointments and keep track of tasks, make sure that the phone you’re looking at has an easy to use calendar program. If you stop by a cell phone shop, you can often test out the programs on the demo phones. If you use the calendar a lot, make sure that the program isn’t frustrating, confusing or difficult to use. The last thing you need when scheduling an appointment is an issue with your phone.

Internet Use 
Although many phones are capable of connecting to the internet, some are much better at displaying it than others. If you plan to use your phone to access the internet, make sure the internet browser is easy to use and easy to view. Many phones can access the internet, but display it strangely. You can always ask to test a phone’s internet out before purchasing.

Social Networking 
Many people connect to social networks through their phone. For those that do this often, having a phone that has applications specific to social networks such as facebook, myspace or twitter can make it much easier to post status updates and upload photos.

Touch Screen 
Some people love touch screen …

New Cellular Services Are Available that Transform Your Cell Phone

New Cellular Services Are Available that Transform Your Cell Phone

It is so great to be alive in this day and age, when so many innovations abound! Among the most exciting of all innovations is the advent of enhanced cellular phone services.

I can remember when just having a mobile phone was a mark of distinction, and when they were the size of a brick. Now, even the little old ladies in the grocery stores can be seen chatting away while they shop for vegetables.

Cell phones have already become a personal statement among the younger crowd, with flashing antennas, charms, novel ringtones, and even pink phones broadcasting uniqueness. Literally millions of ways to personalize your phone are now available, I have included two good sources for ringtones and accessories in the links below.

This is just the beginning of what the mobile providers have planned!

Innovative new service provider Amped Mobile www.ampdmobile.com announced their new EV-DO service at the February CTIA show , which includes broadcast shows available for the very first time over a mobile phone. Imagine, watching your phone as if you were watching TV! Amped also allows users to play realistic 3D games, download music as if the phone were an iPod, and view their bill in real time over the mobile screen. The Kyocera phones they offer are designed for the younger crowd, and boast large screens and sleek industrial designs. Look for this new provider to take market share from youth-oriented T-Mobile in the months to come.

Now, not only can you watch TV type shows on your mobile phone, you can create and share them. The new company YouTube allows you to use your video camera phone to shoot video, then share it with a wide audience by uploading it to their site: http://www.youtube.com/my_profile_mobile YouTube is organized to allow groups to form, allowing you to share your videos only with your friends and family if you choose.

Family oriented service provider Verizon Wireless has just added a new phone to its mix, the V-cast, which allows music to be downloaded and shared. This phone has a camcorder, stereo speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera, and Bluetooth link. It is now going for $49.99 on Verizon’s website after rebate: www.verizon.com

It is clear that service providers are sick of losing customer to the next great deal from their competitors. They have found that the only way to keep customers is to give them more than voice services. I can hardly wait to see what comes next!…