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How to Find the Owner of Any Phone Number Using Reverse Phone Search

How to Find the Owner of Any Phone Number Using Reverse Phone Search

Have you ever faced a silent caller at the other end of the phone when it rang your number? Are you irritated about the crank calls you receive? It is indeed very irritating to receive blind calls especially when you are neck deep in household chores or other important work or even resting. Sometimes we all tend to pick up calls from an unknown source as a matter of habit even when the caller ID shows an unfamiliar number. Here is where you can put to use a reverse phone search so as to track down the caller.

Let us see what the requirements in order to do this are. You will need three things:

• A well-organized phone lookup directory with a comprehensive database.

• The caller’s area code

• The caller’s seven-digit number

Sometimes even when you have the caller’s details it is tough to track down the caller through a directory, simply because you are not looking up the right place in the free reverse phone website or directory. A reverse phone directory that is offered free provides a database of live phone numbers giving the owner’s name, address, etc. Unfortunately they will not contain any cell numbers or numbers, which are unlisted as the owner himself, has requested for their non-publication. You will be particularly at a loose end if you are trying to track a crank caller who is using a mobile, as it is rather difficult to find such numbers at a free directory site.

Tracking crank callers from any free reverse phone search website can be confusing because most directories have common databases. So if you are unable to get information from one site, it is highly improbable that you will get it at any other site.

Meaningful and comprehensive details can be only obtained from reverse phone directories that have been paid for and will also cover cell phones and unlisted numbers. Apart from this, being paid sites, their databases are regularly and constantly being updated. The information available has a high level of accuracy because it is up to date. Such sites also provide assistance if you happen to visit them. They also allow you the opportunity to explore expanded people’s search databases.

Try to ensure that the site you visit guarantees 100% satisfaction, as this is a measure of the reliability of the services offered. Such sites offer phone searches in an unlimited number and also offer you a phone report or premium quality, if required.

In order to optimize your attempts at a reverse phone search, make it a point to go through blogs on the subject. These will offer comprehensive information on utilizing paid sites for the purpose.…

Disney Mobile Features

Disney Mobile Features

It seems these days that every kid you see has a mobile phone and you see it everywhere – the mall, restaurants, even in schools. There are commercials that are geared directly at family plans and advertisements on children going over their minutes. It seems Disney has now gotten in on the cell phone scene, creating Disney Mobile, geared specifically with younger children in mind.

Disney Mobile, however, has a few features that most other phones and mobile companies don’t have. The four big attractions that are included with Disney Mobile plans are: Family Monitor, Family Locater, Family Alert!, and Call Control.

The Family Monitor aspect is a way of controlling how much time your kids spend on their mobile phone by letting the parents set an allowance for how many minutes they may use and how many text and picture messages they can send. Parents can set spending limits on downloads so that children don’t buy 40 ringtones in two days. When a child has reached their usage limit on any of these things, an alert is sent to the parents’ mobile letting them know. The parent (or Family Manager) can then choose whether to up the usage on the phone, do nothing, or restrict the phone usage using the website.

The Family Locator is by far the most enticing Disney Mobile feature. Using GPS satellite technology, the Family Locator can tell you exactly where your child’s phone is. It provides a map of the location. Only adult family members can use this feature, as the application is password-protected. Disney Mobile claims that this is an “included feature”. However, you are only allowed five searches a month. This includes all adult family members – the five GPS tracking searches are shared on the plan, so it’s not “five searches per adult phone”. If you choose to do more than five searches in a month, it’s $.49 a pop. Alternatively, you can purchase the Unlimited package for $12.99 so that you can find your kids anytime, anywhere, without worrying about extra spending.

Family Alert! is simply text messages, but they are prioritized. The messages take over the phone’s main screen in order to make sure family members receive and are aware of important messages. This feature is unlimited with Disney Mobile service.

Finally, a parent’s dream come true: Call Control. This feature is exactly what it sounds like. Parents choose when their kid’s can use the phone. The Family Manager (which is determined when signing up for service; i.e. the parents) can log on to disneymobile.com and restrict or allow whatever hours of the day and day of the week that they want. Parents can choose the Always On option so that important numbers can still get through, such as the parents’ phone. And yes, parents also get free reign over what number their children cannot call and number that that phone can receive calls from. Any changes a parent might want to make can easily be …

Motorola V325i Cellular Phone Review

Motorola V325i Cellular Phone Review

I bought this phone to replace my previous one. I used to have an Audiovox CDM8910, and it has been a pretty sad excuse for a phone. The Motorola V325i cell phone blows the Audiovox out of the water.

This phone feels pretty much like any other normal cell phone. It’s not extremely thin by any means. It’s also not really heavy or really light. It pretty average as far as the feel of it goes. When you’re holding it, it feels like there is actually something there in your hand; it has some weight. Personally, I prefer this over a phone that is really thin and light. I want to be able to feel it in my pocket so I don’t have to keep checking to make sure it’s still there.

It’s a pretty durable phone. I’ve dropped it a few times, but you can’t tell. It still works as great as it did when I got it. It’s a pretty sturdy phone. The hinge is quite rugged too, so it would be difficult to accidentally snap it in half. Actually, unless you were really trying, it’s pretty much impossible to break it in half. Even if you dropped it while it was open, it’s not going to snap. It will still get scratched up and stuff, of course, but it’s most likely not going to break.

The sound quality is pretty good. It’s not amazing for sure. I mean you can tell you’re on a cell phone. But the sound isn’t all garbled either. It’s plenty clear to hear and understand what the other person is saying. It’s not crystal clear, but it does a good enough job for the price you have to pay for it.

I don’t consider a camera to be an important part of a cell phone, but for some people it could be useful. You’ll be glad to know that this phone has a decent camera. It’s actually pretty good if you just want to take a quick picture. However, there is no flash, so you can’t really take pictures in the dark. You need a decent amount of light to take a good picture, so that could be one downside to the camera. You get three settings for image resolution. They range from 120×160 to 480×640 pixels. That comes out to a max of 0.3072 megapixels. Not great at all if you are a camera person. But for a cell phone, the camera serves its purpose. At the largest resolution, the pictures are noticeably blocky and not extremely clear. But I think that’s expected. Since it’s just a phone and not a real camera, it does a good enough job of taking pictures. This phone does not do videos, which is unfortunate.

You get five preset sound profiles that can be rotated through easily with the phone closed. You just press the volume button and then use another button to cycle through them. Of course they can …

How to Donate Used Cell Phone Batteries

How to Donate Used Cell Phone Batteries

The amount of cell phones being produced and purchased increases drastically every year. No part of a cell phone is biodegradable. Discarded cell phone batteries actually contain chemical compounds that are harmful to nature and the environment if not properly recycled. Numerous charitable organizations have a need for old cell phones and/or old cell phone batteries. Regardless of the condition every cell phone can be donated to a charitable organization. Some organizations sell the used phones to a recycling company, while other organizations reprogram the phones for future use. Below are steps explaining how to donate a used cell phone and a list of possible donation locations.


Decide the working condition of your used cell phone in terms of how the phone functions and battery life. If possible clear all contacts, videos, photographs, voice and text messages.


Search online for places to donate used cell phones. Deciding where to donate a used cell phone depends on the over-all working condition of the phone and the battery. If the cell phone and battery are in good working order the phone may be donated to an organization that will reprogram the phone. If the cell phone or battery is not functioning the phone will need to be donated to an organization that will sell the phone to a recycling company.


Prepare the used cell phone for shipping based on where the phone is being shipped. If the phone is going to be reprogrammed be sure the phone is well protected and include any accessories including battery recharger. If the cell phone is going to be recycled be sure the phone is protected well enough to endure shipping. A note or letter is not required with the cell phone donation.…

Will We Always Keep Our Cell Phone Numbers?

Will We Always Keep Our Cell Phone Numbers?

I have this friend; Bill; who was from Vermont (413…even though 413 is Western Mass). He moved to New York City (Brooklyn) in…early 2000’s sometime to become an actor. I haven’t been to hisMySpace in a while but for years his profile read: “The Vermont Man With a Plan.” He has since become The Brooklyn Man Who Needs a Hand; still, he keeps his 413 cell phone number.

I grew up in Connecticut (203) and as soon as I moved to New York City (212, 917), quickly amended my area code identity to coincide with my new locale. That was almost 10 years ago. I moved into New York City in 2001, moved out in 2007, moved back in 2008, moved out again in 2009; still, my cell phone number has remained the same.

I work in a hotel in Westlake Village California and recently met a woman who was checking in for a few days as part of her larger relocation for a work assignment. As she was checking in she handed me her driver’s license; New City, New York (some 40 miles up the Palisades in Rockland County from Manhattan). When I commented that I had been from the area we shared some fond memories of the east coast. I queried for a phone number; “Yes, of course, 845…” 845 was an extension for cellular numbers in the outer lying areas of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

“Oh you’re going to have to get rid of that soon,” I commented.

“No, well, no,” she said as though she hadn’t even considered it. “This number is how people know me; so many people have this number.”

“Will your business keep you here for some time?” I questioned.

She stopped and looked up at me; appearing almost a little scared. “Well I’ll always be a New Yorker,” she said with finality.

It seems that, even more than we may realize, a cellular number is something of an identifier in this day and age. What’s explosive about them is that, for many of us, our cellular numbers were the first ones of their kind. My 917 number may have belonged to other people (917 was introduced in 1992) but it certainly hasn’t since 2001. While that may seem to be a pretty silly reason to keep something like a cell phone, still, we do. I’m not going back to New York to live anytime soon but I’m also not going to get rid of my cell phone either.

As we move into the 21st Century and beyond so much of what we have is unoriginal. So in a way keeping something pure is our only way of holding onto something that may have never been anyone else’s. I wonder though; will my generation; the first generation of new cellular only area codes (get ready Manhattan; 929 is coming soon!); will we always keep these same numbers we’ve always had forever, …

Save Money on Your Telephone Service

Save Money on Your Telephone Service

Most of us pay at least $40.00-$50.00 or more a month on residential telephone service. Businesses telephone lines can even cost much more than that. If you have several calling features or make a lot of long distance calls, this figure could go up significantly.

If you live in many areas in Kentucky, North Carolina and Mississippi there may be a more cost effective solution. A telecommunications company called Dialog Telecommunications www.calldialog.com offers solutions that can cut your telephone bill by a minimum of $5.00 to $15.00 or more a month.

Dialog Telecommunications www.calldialog.com is not an Internet based phone service, it is a traditional land line based phone service. How it works, is simple.

Your existing telephone service provider, Bell South for instance, still owns and services the main telephone lines. If you are having a new phone installed they, not Dialog Telecommunications, are the ones who will install or repair your phone lines on Dialog Telecommunicaitons’ behalf.

You are not paying both telephone companies, you are only paying Dialog Telecommunications www.calldialog.com who in turns pays fees to say, Bell South or whomever is your local provider. The new laws and regulations over the past few years have made telephone service much more competitive ending the virtual monopoly most telephone companies have had in the past. Now consumers have choices that make their money go further and get more calling features to boot.

Dialog Telecommunications telephone calling plans may vary in price by coverage area somewhat, but how it works is simple. The quoted monthly price is a flat rate, there are never, ever any added taxes and fees-unlike traditional telephone carriers such as Bell South. This rate never changes, no matter how many covered minutes you use your telephone line. You are also given a guarantee that you rate will never go up as long as you are a Dialog Telecommunications customer. What more can you ask for!

I live in Western Kentucky which is covered by Bell South. My monthly telephone bill rate was over $45.00 through Bell South for a plan that had two ring tones (not two telephone lines, just ring tones), caller ID, and call waiting. No long distance calling minutes or any other perks were included.

Now through Dialog Telecommunications www.calldialog.com I pay $35.00 per month, every month with no rate changes. I now have unlimited local calling, unlimited local long distance calling (not nation wide long distance) and unlimited calling features.

With Dialog Telecommunications, you can have almost all the calling features Bell South provides. Personally, I have call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and caller ID. These are all included in your monthly fee with Dialog Telecommunications. There is no change in your monthly rate if you have one or ten calling features activated on your account. They do have to be requested either at sign up or by a simple phone call once you’re a customer.

The unlimited, anytime local long distance is …

Product Review: DualPhone 3088 for Skype

Product Review: DualPhone 3088 for Skype

If you are like me, and you have family members living in another country, you would appreciate every bit of savings you can avail of. My older brother who lives in the Philippines first introduced me to Skype. Skype offers free calls to those who are also on Skype and low rates if you call landlines and mobile phones no matter the distance. I love the fact that is is free. Even in this day and age, with a lot of long distance carriers battling for lower rates on long distance and overseas calls, they do still add up if you tend to talk longer or if you have a lot of friends and family you want to stay in contact with. Skype makes it possible to make phone and video calls economically, resulting in huge amount of savings for the consumers.

There are, however, limits to what Skype can do on its own, you would have to be on the Internet to avail of those free calls to members and make cheaper calls to any landline and cell phones. The good news is, there is a new phone system that you can use without having to log into your computer. The DualPhone 3088 is designed to allow its users the ability to make Skype calls without having to plug it into the USB of a computer to get signals from Skype- something that the older dualphone model requires. This is because the new DualPhone 3088 for Skype have clients built into its interface, eliminating the need for connections to the PC.

The DualPhone 3088, by appearance, looks like any other cordless phone you use at home. It has has a base station that it uses as a charger, much like a regular home cordless phone. It can also be used anywhere around the house, so long as the base is plugged into the socket and telephone jack. However, there is a third connection to make VoIP (Voice Over IP) possible, it makes use of an RJ-45 input for its Ethernet connection. So, you would need to have the base close to your Ethernet jack or router to make that broadband connection.

Designed by Skype, the phone interface is functional and provides excellent sound quality, allowing you to hear the other person clearly. One bit of an annoyance is that every time you try to use it for landline calls it asks if you would like to call the number via Skype or via landline. You can set it to default to Skype’s SkypeoOut calls if you use Skype more often or default for landlines call if you use it for that more often. Switching to use the alternate can be a bit frustrating at times especially if you are in a rush.

Setting up a Skype Dualphone 3088 is fast and easy. First, plug-in the Skype charging dock to a wall outlet. Put the rechargeable batteries into the handset, then dock it to …

Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5503 Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5503 Smartphone Review

Smartphones are making it big these days and it seems that they’re a threat to conventional cellphones. There are a lot of cheap smartphones out there. In fact, I even have a friend who got his for around $120. It’s not branded but it works fine. I’ve been using conventional cellular phones for years. Then, I decided to jump right into smartphones and I got my hands on my very own Samsung’s Galaxy 5 GT-I5503/00.

It has a 2.8-inch touch screen capable of 16 million colors, a 2-megapixel camera, an audio jack, a 170 MB internal memory and an expansion slot for Micro SD cards up to 32 GB. One great thing about this phone is that it uses the Android 2.1 operating system. It is feature packed and it’s sort of like a small computer. There are thousands of applications and you can get a lot of them free at the Android market. Just be careful on what you download and install. There are quite a number of viruses or mal-ware roaming around.

One thing that users would really appreciate is the ease of navigation throughout the phone’s functions and features. The Samsung Galaxy 5 does seem to live up to that expectation especially with its full touch capabilities. Coming from a conventional cellular phone with a simple operating system and keypads, I find it really easy to use the phone and adjust its settings. There are a myriad of things you can do and you most likely won’t get lost. It may take only a few hours before you get the hang of it.

As a mobile device, it needs to be connected. That’s the reason why you have a mobile phone in the first place. You need to be always in contact with other people and the Samsung Galaxy 5 gives you lots of options. It has 2G/3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-fi LAN and Bluetooth. You can easily connect it to other devices using its USB connectivity. It can also act as a regular USB mass storage device especially if you’re used to transferring files using drag and drop.

It has basic texting and calling functions and they do not eat up too much of your battery’s power. I just had a 17-minute conversation with a friend a while ago and it only ate 3% of the phone’s battery life in 2G and that’s roughly up to 9.35 hours which is a fairly accurate claim on paper. It has a long battery life and short charging time through USB or an outlet.

When it comes to audio and video, it won’t disappoint. The audio output is good and quite loud. You can even use external speakers, headsets or earphones. It can play MP3 and WAV files. It also has an FM tuner if you want to listen to your favorite radio stations. Its video capability is not something you can just shun aside. Even though you can only play MP4 files, the …

How to Choose Suitable Headphones?

How to Choose Suitable Headphones?

The sensation of music depends mostly on quality of your headphones. Almost all players, Ipods, mobile phones and other gadgets are equipped with headphones. I will not mention the quality of such headphones because often they are not able to bring pleasure from your favorite music. Such headphones serve as a «small attachment» to your player, mobile phone etc. Those who want to enjoy the quality of music must certainly give up an idea of using such headphones. This article will give you a review of different types of headphones which you might find either comfortable or inconvenient, either good or bad. A price of high-quality headphones from well known producer can reach and even exceed the price of your player. Such high-quality headphones can breath life into your favourite music.

Types of headphones


Insert-type or “earbuds” are supplied with almost all players and mobile phones. You will hear neither bass nor clear voice. Of course, there is absolutely no sound proofing. In subway, you will probably have to increase sound on upper limit in order to hear something. Such «China-made» headphones can not satisfy music lovers, so I advice you to throw them away. Quality earbuds must be bought separately. I advice you to buy another type of earbuds – «in-ear» headphones. They can cost from $15 till $150, but such price is reasonable. The main merit of such headphones is a deafen cover, which look like a silicone cap. Such headphones have very nice sound and perfect bass. So if you like electronic or hard music you must certainly buy such type of headphones. I can advice the following models which are most popular in the stores: Creative Zen Aurvana, Audio-Technica ATH-CK5, Sennheiser CX 400 and Philips SHE8500. There are though several disadvantages of such «in-ear» headphones. One of the major problems is that the source of sound is more near to ear than in other headphones. Doctors say that it may harm your organ of hearing. So you must look after the volume and check that the sound level is not very loud.

Monitor headphones

Full-size headphones or monitor headphones can not be used for daily usage with you player because of their size and especially because of the ear cups which fully cover your ear. These ear cups prevent your headphones from falling from your head and filter the outside noise. Most ear cups are made of natural materials but there are many models which use synthetic materials. If you use synthetic ear cups your ears will sweat.

There are two types of monitor headphones: opened and closed earphones. The first one has a small hole in ear cups. This hole improve the quality of sound but it also alow the outside sound to come through. The closed one doesn’t have such hole and the quality of bass is a little bit better than in opened headphones. In general, the better the quality of sound in monitor headphones the higher …

The Best Alltel Phones

The Best Alltel Phones

There are a lot of great Alltel phones out there. They are almost caught up to Verizon and Cingular at this point, as well they should be. They are in the eyes of most one of the top three cell phone providers in the country. Choosing a few of the best out of so many selections was difficult but there are some that stand out more than others, so here goes.

I think the first phone you should look at the Motorola V265 Cellular Phone. This is a great phone with a lot of additional touches. It has 128 x 128 pixel 65K color CSTN display. It has a VGA camera, great streaming capabilities and fast downloads. It has a touch screen and even a built in camera.

If you find that model a bit too pricey you should try the Nokia 2865i. It’s not a phone with hundreds of features, but it has the best reception of any phone on the market. Stuck somewhere that reception will be a lot more important to you than any camera feature!

If you just want to go all out and buy something with all the frills included you should try LG AX4270. This is a great phone that is actually very affordable. All the greatest new assets and nice touches like speakerphone.

There are many Alltel cell phones out there but these will give you a good outline of what the company provides. This is a great company to go to when looking for a cell phone and should be one of your first stops.…