Today everyone has a cell phone. It is important to have a phone on you in case you break down on the freeway or have an emergency and need to make a call. A cell phone through a provider can be expensive on a month to month plan, especially if you have teenagers. Some people don't have good credit and they don't qualify for a service plan also. TracFone allows anyone to have a cell phone without any deposit requirements.

TracFone offers people the ability to own a cell phone and get it activated at no additional charge. All you have to do is pay for the phone. These phones are pay as you go. This means that you pay for the time you spend talking on the phone. You don't have to pay a monthly bill. You pay for minutes for your phone in bulk and when you run out you can add more minutes. This is the best way to control a cell phone bill of a talkative teenager. If you cannot afford a deposit for a cell phone through a cell phone company this is the best option also.

TracFone offers many different types of prepaid cell phones to choose from. You can buy phones under $10, flip phones, camera phones, and more. Below are five of the many different types of pay as you go phones through TracFone.

If you are looking for a phone under $10 you might consider the Motorola W175 or the Motorola C139. The Motorola W175 comes with a color screen that is bright and vivid. It has a talk voice enhancement integrated so your callers can hear you clearly. You can use a hands free speaker and a phone book that allows you to store up to 500 entries.

The Motorola C139 is the most compact of the TracFones offered. This phone is ergonomic and easy to handle. This phone has a color display also. It also includes screensavers and wallpaper so you can customize your phone with your personality. There are also 20 preloaded ringtones on this cell phone.

When you purchase the Motorola W370 cell phone you get double minutes for life. This phone is only $29.99. This is the cheapest flip phone model with a color display. You can take advantage of mp3 ringtones, downloadable ringtones, and graphics. There is also a hands free speakerphone which provides for total convenience.

The LG 225 cell phone from TracFone might be an option for you if you are looking for a camera phone. This phone includes a camera with a color display. There are games on the phone which allow you to pass the time away. You can fully customize this phone with screensavers and wallpaper and there is a hands-free speakerphone. This TracFone runs for $49.99

The best selection of the TracFones you might consider is the Motorola W376g. This is a flip phone that includes double minutes for life with the purchase of the phone. It has integrated Bluetooth wireless technologies, a VGA camera, and a color display. You can also download ringtones, graphics, weather, news, and more. The phone also has a hands-free speakerphone and it can be purchased for only $49.99.

There are many TracFones available for purchase if you are looking for a pay as you go phone. It is important to remember that when you pay as you go you must keep minutes on the phone and not run out or you can lose your phone number. TracFone charges minutes off of your phone for texting and for calling your voicemail.


By susan