On August First I called Cavalier Telephone after seeing their T.V. ad promising $39.99 a month with savings of up to $40.00 a month vs. AT&T; or cable. I promptly signed up with their service and nearly one month later on August Twenty-Fourth I still haven't been hooked up or switched over to their service yet. Last year when I hooked up with Comcast cable at a previous residence I called them and they installed my cable internet and T.V. two days later.

I called them on a Wednesday and by Friday night I was surfing the web at lightning speed and watching shows whenever I wanted them OnDemand. Now I'm not saying their service was perfect and OnDemand certainly wasn't everything I'd hoped it would be or what I was led to believe but at least they had the foresight to know they wanted to make a good first impression with a customer. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for the "Cavalry" to arrive to rescue me from the Indian attack while my bones picked clean of flesh by scavengers months ago bleach white under the oblivious sun and the merciless passage of time. They call themselves "Cavalier" telephone and a "cavalier" as defined by the dictionary is a gentleman of an upstanding and notable reputation but "gentlemen" you are far from living up to your image. If I were to summarize how much money Cavalier has cost me in the past 3 and a half weeks it would go a little something like this:

Gas to travel back and forth to the library five days a week at 20 miles roundtrip – $15.00 bucks a week for a total of $60.00 bucks a month.

Wear and tear on a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it for said trips – another $60.00 to $100.00 a month in needed savings to have available in an emergency should a major repair be necessary.

Wear and tear on my physical health and pocketbook due to stress and anxiety about car expenses – $300.00 to $400.00 a month for a man with no health insurance who needs Nexium due to acid reflux disease for chronic stress

Additional costs for anti-anxiety drugs and anti-psychotic drugs to prevent melt down due to chronic stress and depression because I can't access the internet – $300.00

Lost income due to lowered productivity from increased depression – $600.00 a month for article writing and an additional $60.00 – 75.00 for performance bonuses because I know my stuff is at least that good were it to be seen by anyone because I actually produced it, accessed the internet, and submitted the content for pay.

In addition the delay has cost me hundreds of dollars in steady increases as I can't get increases due to lack of access, lack of production, and increased stress and depression and has pushed back immeasurably the compounded effect I could have enjoyed with performance bonuses. The entire delay has cascaded exponentially until I figure Cavalier owes me somewhere in the neighborhood of between $1500 to $2000 which doesn't even begin to figure in the exponential figures of the compounded income I could've received and how much this month delay will cost by the end of the year.

Should I call the cavalry? Will they come to my rescue? Should I even bother? Oops! I forgot. I don't even know how I wrote this article as I'm dead already. Gentlemen, could I at least impose upon you to carry my bleached white bones home to my homestead and my mother? Gentlemen? Cavaliers? I think not!


By susan